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Access Number of Views from off-site?

  1. So, I'm a fan of having things like weather, computer stats, and so on displayed directly on my desktop. What I'd like to do is also be able to display the number of views my blog has gotten today. I can use Geektool to get basically any image or file and so on from the web, but I need an address for it. Is there a specific address for the number of views? I know I can access it on the Blog Stats section of my Dashboard, but I can't get to that except by pointing my browser to it. Is there another way? Let me know if you need more info to help me. Thanks!

  2. Can we have a link to your blog?

  3. Yeah sure. I have a few, but I'm sure I can extrapolate from one.

  4. It appears not to be possible. I didn't recall ever seeing the issue come up, but few questions here are asked for the first time. A forum search returned this:

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