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Access to dashboard not working

  1. Access to my dashboard gives an "address invalid" error message. I can get to another dashboard for a blog on which I am a guest author.

  2. Have you previously been able to access your dashboard? When you register with wordpress you get a confirmation email with a link you must click to activate. Did you do so? If you have done so and still cannot access your dashboard then send an email to {email address munged to deter spam bots} support at wordpress dot com

  3. My dashboard is pointing to http://wp-admin/ instead of

  4. Strange. Try logging in via your blog's url and adding "wp-admin" on the end yourself. Sometimes taking a different route is all it takes. If you usually use the metawidget or go in through, this might be a workaround.

  5. Actually, this is happening to me too, only on my primary blog from the drop-down "My Dashboards" menu. I'll send a feedback...

  6. I'm having the same issue, only on my primary dashboard. The dropdown takes me to "wp-admin" only. It's OK for my other dashboard.

    I can go there manually. It's just the dropdown that's directing me improperly.

  7. Mark fixed it for me after i sent a feedback. Thanks, Mark!

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