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access to my blog...aint working

  1. i got a question, my blog public or private,..coz it apparently looks like am the only one who can access it and a few chosen people,...would wish for it to be a public forum,..for discussion and debate..question is, it posssible or am i at the wrong place?

  2. We have absolutely no idea.

    But if you give us a link to your blog, starting with http, then maybe we can tell you.

  3. oh and am new, basically, question shoulda been,...typing all alittle too much for the general public out there who i want to access my blog,...can they access it based on the topics in my blog? or do they need to have my url?

  4. They need your URL. There are over seventy-five million blogs.

    If you want to make it easier on them, you can buy the domain name upgrade and for fifteen bucks a year you can get or something like that. Incidentally there is no www in your blog URL. It's just

  5. and the www is an issue??

  6. I'm also having trouble with this?

  7. The www isn't an issue, but it will just make your URL longer and harder to remember. Just drop it.

    johndenner, what is your issue?

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