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access to my sites

  1. Please, help me!
    I can't enter into my site to manage it:
    For that I used this entrance:, but now it's not exist.

  2. Hi there!

    You shouldn’t need Admin to access your account.

    Try signing in from, and see what happens.

    If it doesn’t work, please reply here and we’ll help any way we can.


  3. You need not necessarily login at

    When you visit this page, do you see on the list?

  4. Thank you!
    But I don't see any of my sites here:
    They certainty exist, but they are missing in my profile page in
    I created them out of this page, independently, as separate, free sites:,
    Right now I realized that I must register my sites first in my profile page in and then go on to manage them.
    What can I do at this moment, in this situation?

  5. Hi there!

    Okay :)
    Have you tried accessing your account on a different browser, or a new one? This issue can sometimes be because of that.

    If you try it, and still see the issue, please reply and we will see what we can do.


  6. I tried without success...

  7. Hi there!

    Hmm... That’s odd. Well, I’ll leave this thread, and an expert will help you to solve this issue.

    In the meantime, you may want to read about browser issues, and also sign out, and sign back in again, to see what happens.


  8. Hello there @juljorpan - You mentioned:

    Right now I realized that I must register my sites first in my profile page in and then go on to manage them.

    Is it possible that you have another username account under juliajordan or something else? If so and you recall the email address you used to create the account, you can try resetting the password following the guide on this page:

    If you cannot remember the login details, you'll need to try and recover the account in order to gain access to those sites. Please see our account recovery guide:

    Hope that helps.

  9. Great thanks!
    Indeed I have another username account with another email address, which I forgot.
    Now all is o'k!
    Very great thanks!!!
    And excuse me for my bad English...
    Have a good time!
    Julia from Bulgaria (East Europe)

  10. Hi there —

    Great an expert helped you out, as so as @justjennifer.

    And You’re welcome! Cheers!


  11. Our chapter hired a person to create and manage our web site, however he has pass, and we can not get into the site NOR manage it.
    Our organization changes leadership like every year and nobody knows
    Any thing
    Can you help us?

    Military Order of The Purple Heart Polk county florida
    Web site
    My phone # is [redacted by mod-you are posting in a public forum]

  12. Hi there!

    @srhillery — Please don’t add your request to an active thread.

    You can start a new thread with your request, here.


  13. Hello there @srhillery, I've removed your phone number from your post as you are posting in a public forum. We don't want people cold calling you.

    Looking at the name servers for your domain, it doesn't look like is hosted here on WordPressdotcom's servers.

    If you need help accessing your above site please contact your web hosting provider directly which looks to be They should be able to help you get back into your site.

    If you need further help with the standalone WordPress software that your site is using, please reference the documentation and forums at

    This support forum handles assistance to hosted sites and the guidance provided here won't be relevant to DIY sites hosted with an external hosting provider (e.g. Bluehost, Go Daddy etc.).


  14. @juliajordan - glad to have been of help. Happy blogging! :)

    @alissonhz please take a moment to look at the person's site (if given) before asking them to open another forum thread as it may not be necessary.

    Also, if you answer a forum post or come across a forum post where someone has added their email in a way that the forum software doesn't redact it, a password, phone number, address or any such type of personal information, including receipt and transaction numbers, please MODLOOK the thread and add the tag "remove personal info". Thanks for your help!

    Since the original question has been resolved, I'll go ahead and close this thread. Cheers all!

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