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    When I set up my blog I added two pages as children of my home page in an attempt to get search engines (google) to pick up my blog when people used variations of my name, e.g., Tom Stazyk, TEStazyk, TStazyk, etc. The pages are named with the google tag and are public but are not visible to a visitor to the blog.

    Today in my visit stats, I noticed that I had two visits to one of those pages. This has never happened before (I’ve been around since Sept 09) and I’m wondering if I’ve done something I shouldn’t have or if this is an indication of a problem.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.


    The blog I need help with is



    The pages are named with the google tag and are public but are not visible to a visitor to the blog.

    What is “the Google tag”?

    If anyone else is aware of the links to the Pages in question and has passed that on via email, etc. or by linking to them in their own blogs or elsewhere online then that could explain what you are seeing.

    Do you have other blog users such as these or are you the sole Administrator and only blog “user” on the blog? See:

    Also note that using your name on the pages Tom Stazyk, TEStazyk, TStazyk as title or as categories and/or tags could result in the same thing if the people searching know your name and connects it to the blog, then they can easily guess what a URL for a Page with your name in it might be.



    Thanks Timethief–I googled myself and sure enough that page comes up so anyone could click on it.

    Here is the link to the page in question:

    I set up this page in connection with trying to verify my site with google and all that and as I recall google apps gave me the page name “google4526200 . . . ” which is what I meant by the google tag.

    To answer your other questions I’m the sole administrator and only blog user.

    I’m wondering if I should just make the page private–or would that defeat the purpose of having it.



    Aha … verification code (lightbulb moment). Check your Google Webmasters Account. If the blog has been sucessfully verified then make the page “private”. :)



    Thanks again! Yes it’s verified and I’ll make it private. Really appreciate your quick help!



    You’re welcome. :) I ♥ happy endings!

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