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    I don’t understand what happened to my blog today. My average views are possible 20 per day. I had 71 today. And the links that were clicked on are for a lot of photo files on my blog. What does that mean? Once someone accesses those files what can they do with them? Can I find out who accessed them and what use is being made of my photos?



    It probably means that someone came to your blog through Google imagesearch. As for what they did then, there’s no real way to tell except to check Google imagesearch using related keywords to see if those images show up again somewhere else.

    It’s possible they’re saving them to their computer, making them their wallpaper, or even hotlinking to them. They could be posting them on their blogs right this second. You just don’t know; it’s the same with your words as well.

    One sometimes effective protection, if you don’t want ANY other saving or use of your photos, is to watermark that onto the photo or a “frame” and upload THAT image, with “Do not copy, property of…” on it.


    Thanks for your help with these questions!

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