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access to pornographic/questionable material

  1. Before starting a blog here, I'd like to know how easy it is to avoid blogs with pornographic content. I have a blog on and recently discovered that it's rather easy to find, and I've decided to remove my blog from that site. Is there any chance whatsoever that I will find this type of content here, and if so what must I do to block it completely from either myself or my readers?

  2. This "mature" material is removed from the common global tags, post categories and top blogs. You would need to search the internet to find them. On occasion, you might find a "mature" blog that isn't reported yet. There is an option in the far right of the blue admin bar called "blog info" that allows you to report the blog as mature so it is marked as such. I have browsed many blogs and haven't run into too much of this material. It is pretty easy to stay away from in my opinion.


  3. "Is there any chance whatsoever that I will find this type of content here, and if so what must I do to block it completely from either myself or my readers?"

    Any chance whatsoever? Yes. We exclude mature content from global listings when it is reported to us, but you might occasionally see links to mature sites before we get to it.

    "if so what must I do to block it completely from either myself or my readers?"

    Completely? Turn your computer off, burn it and bury the ashes. Unfortunately there's just no way to entirely avoid material that you might find offensive.

    If you're satisfied with mostly avoiding offensive material, you should be fine. In addition to Trent's suggestions, you might want to consider limiting comments on your blog:

  4. Hi I was wondering about the content of pictures I could post in my blog. Is there someone, who can check my gallery at Renderotica? My username there is JanZ and there are 2 pictures in my gallery. I presume if one of these pops up on my front page, then it will be a mature tag on my blog. Is there a way I can post them on my blog and not get a mature rating. Btw is my current blog still not mature worthy?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Whoops, I myself requested a mature rating, but still, do I (at the moment) or will I need it when I post pictures from my Renderotica gallery? Maybe there could be an age-check for the users, so the mature users could freely see my blog...

  6. If you have a "mature" blog then you should get the mature rating as you have already done. As for an "age-check", why not create a "page" that tells people that this blog might contain content unsuitable for all viewers and make that page the "home" page by going to your Admin => Options => Reading and selecting it as the main page in the dropdown box?

    Just a thought and suggestion!


  7. Ermmm... has Your Honor seen my gallery. It is just I like to make somewhat erotic renderings from time-to-time. Let's presume I enforce this disclaimer frontpage and post my renderings (please, someone mature check them!). Then do I still need the mature rating? Ooh and if I want to loose my current mature rating, must I change my current custom image header?

  8. Jansza, staff do monitor these forums, but asking them through support is the best way to get an answer as we are just volunteers that are helping out here :)


  9. I understand the support will be re-opened on Monday. Correct?
    Thanks anyways, Trent!

  10. Monday morning is correct :)


  11. I would like to ask one more thing. I'm a total beginner with everything connected with blogging and code used in posts. Have a look at my current front page. How can I make the last word "enter" to a hyperlink that takes the reader to the usual recent posts page?

  12. That is the only problem with having the "page" you created doing that. It makes it so you need to have the recent posts and your monthly archives near the top for people to click on. It was a suggestion if you were worried about "some mature content", but since you look like you are mature tagged already, you might not need it.


  13. Yeah that is the problem, I tagged myself just to be sure. Now I'm trying to find a way to get me a regular blog and post all my erotic and half-erotic images. I guess creating another account to make a mature blog with all my renders isn't allowed... I know the easy way would be moving to a private server, but it is the communication with other bloggers and their opinions of my renders that I'm interested in...
    How can other blogger who are adequate to view mature content find my blog when I'm tagged? (I have disabled search engines' ability to find my blog)
    Do non mature rated people get in trouble when they offer a link to my blog in their blogroll?
    I'm going to contact support on Monday and see what I can find out.

  14. Enable the search engines. There's no reason for you to disable them.

    As far as I know, there are no penalties for linking to Mature sites. At least, I've had them in my blogroll for almost two years now with no blowback.

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