Accessibility for screen readers

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    I am a partially sighted journalism student and a few months ago I moved my blog from the Blogger service to WordPress.

    There where many reasons for this move one of which was that I wanted a more professional looking website, in this respect WordPress has been very good.

    However I have a fundamental issue with the accessibility of everything editoral WordPress from my dashboard to approving comments. The issues I am having problems with are due to my reliance on a screen reader to operate my laptop.

    The way the interface seems to be built to look nice makes it incredibly difficult for me to navigate, I use VoiceOver for mac and it cannot pick up the edit area when making a post.

    Is there a way of setting up the Dashboard so that it is less pretty and more functional? Or failing that just simplifying it?

    Right now as I still have some remaining vision I am getting by but it is difficult and as my condition is likely to deteriorate this may not be the case for long.

    The blog I need help with is

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