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    I have added a new page and I wish to set a Header Image. I am able to select a picture and I attempt to scale it to make it bigger than the header in my homepage, but the process stops before the picture actually appears. Please help me with the correct directions.

    The blog I need help with is



    I pre-size every image offline before I upload. That way every image “fits”. There is no loss of image quality via cropping. I’m not wasting my uploads storage space and I don’t have nay image troubleshooting to do. Would you like to try using that approach and seeing if it solves your issue?



    I attempt to scale it to make it bigger than the header in my homepage

    Stretching an image distorts it but I’m not clear why it does not appear.

    The relevant support doc links are:


    Dear timethief,
    Thank your for your reply. Unfortunately, I haven´t been able to set up the image, even following your directions. The websites you indicate instruct me to download a photoshop program to enlarge the image; I have followed this suggestion and downloaded Picasa. The image remains the same size even after using this.
    A repeated attempt to scale the image at the wordpress page is likewise unsuccesful. The picture keeps its size after clicking the “update” button. The image appears in the dashboard, but does not show up as a header image when the new page is selected.



    I’m sorry what I posted was not helpful. I did not include any photoshop links and I don’t use it myself so I’m not clear on what you mean.
    I use online image editing programs.
    Setting a featured image on that single page is what you need to do
    Twenty Eleven – An image that is at least 1000 x 288 pixels will be displayed instead of the post with a title over the image.
    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.


    Dear Timethief,
    Thank you very much for your kind reply, but, as it seems, I´m still very far away from my aim.
    1. The first link you mention,, recommends photo editing programs: Irfanview, Picasa, GIMP, Photofiltre, FastStone. As I emntioned before, downloading Picasa was useless (indeed, I had to uninstall it later on!).
    2. The second link,
    isn´t any help either, as it recommends further programs that still wouldn´t do.
    3. Accessing the Screen Options in my dashboard isn´t of any help either.
    I can´t understand how I was able to set header images previously for all pages, which seems impossible now for a single new page. Has there been a change in wordpress´s site design?
    Thanks again,



    Please go to Media > Add New, upload the original image from your computer, copy the File URL that will show up and paste it here so we can see what you’re talking about.


    Hallo dear justpi. Thank you for your reply!
    Here´s the file:
    All the best,



    Hi, but this is not an image URL, it’s the URL of a dashboard page (which we can’t access). Repeating: upload the image from your computer via Media > Add New and copypaste the resulting File URL.


    But that´s exactly what I did: from the Dashboard to Media, then Add New, then uploading the image.
    Do you mean the “permalink” indication in this page? It´s Permalink:
    There´s yet another indication under “get shortlink”:
    The original website of the picture is:
    Thank you!



    Well, that’s not what you did: you uploaded the image via the Add Media tool of a page, and after giving me the URL of your dashboard page you gave me the URL and the shortlink of an attachment page with the image on it (and I really don’t know how you ended up with a thumbnail when the original is 660px wide).

    Image URLs always end with the filetype (.jpg or .png etc). The URL of an image you upload is found in this box (“File URL”):



    Anyway, this is the original:

    And this is the same image blown up to the right width for featured images in 2011:
    You can use this version, but naturally the quality is poor.


    Thank you, dear justpi!!! Everything settled now, the image is in its place and perfect (its quality seems altogether sufficient).
    All the best,


    …sorry dear justpi, I have managed to add the picture according to your instructions, but as I am still adding pages the problem remains when I have to add header pictures that are smaller than the required size (the difficulty being that “scale image” sadly doesn´t work now as it did before). Here´s the picture I should add for the newest page:
    (it´s the photograph below the word “Belgrano”, upper left)

    Add Media, Edit, Permalink:
    Get shortlink:

    …thanks again, I hope to learn how to scale images properly.



    a) You need to use an image editing application.
    b) The Alsina image I blew up for you was 660px wide, so the enlarged version was sort of passable (not to me). The image you want to use now is a mere 360px wide: blowing it up to 1000px will result in terrible quality (that’s probably why the WP image editor only allows scaling down). Sorry, you need to find images that are wide enough.


    a) which one do you suggest? My experience with Picasa is not good.
    b) I am unable to find a larger image showing the inside of the Auditorio de Belgrano. The poor quality of an image is not a problem for me, I think it´s worse having to use a picture showing something else (indeed, this appears to be the only alternative by now). Why has it become impossible to scale upwards? I think I´ve done that before with previous images.



    The best image editing application is Photoshop, but it’s expensive. Among free alternatives, I’m told that Gimp is good (I haven’t tried it myself).

    I don’t know if WP changed the way their editing tool works because I never use it (except when testing questions like yours). If it used to allow scaling upwards and now it doesn’t, that’s a wise decision in my opinion, for the reason I explained.

    For the same reason, I’m not going to scale this particular image for you like I did with the other one: there’s no way I’ll become an accomplice to this!

    You’re unable to find a larger image of that auditorium because it’s not a popular subject, and because website managers who know their job usually publish small images. Your problem is your whole idea with featured header images (coupled with your trying to use photos you find on the net instead of photos you shoot yourself). Perhaps you could abandon that idea, at least when you cannot find an appropriate image, and insert the image in the content of the page.

    Or, if you use an image editing application, you could create composite images that would result in a 1000px wide final result. Simple example:


    Ok dear justpi, I just used the auditoriocompo you provided, it´s the most simple and adequate solution to the problem.
    Shooting photos myself has certain limits, I´ve had to attend a performance for that…


    Good afternoon!
    I´d like to know whether it is possible to add a new sidebar listing, right after the one that´s already there (which bears the title: “Papers on Psychoanalysis”). It should be called, e.g. “Papers on Psychoanalysis and Music” and display the links to the corresponding pages (after which the remaining sidebar listings should appear, i. e. “Related Journals”, etc.)
    Thank you very much!



    There are three ways you can do this.
    But the question isn’t related to the title of this thread, so start a new thread please (the whole point of the forum is that questions and answers should be accessible to others as well, so they should be posted under titles that help users find them).

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