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    How can I access contact information of the people who I have invited to be a contributor?

    I have invited over 4600 people (232 pages on the Invite New Users page) and have 600 who have signed up to blog. I want to get names and email addresses so that I can send them a personal email from my email account.

    It would seem that if I was the one who entered their email into the system, I should have access to it.

    Also, I would like to download the contact info of All Users.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot add anyone’s email address and subscribe on their behalf. Here subscribers control the frequency of receipt of your posts.

    Think about that please and ask yourself exactly who enters other people’s email addresses to their sites as subscribers? The answer is spammers do that. Many call themselves marketers but they are, in fact, spammers.

    Adding 4600 people to any blog as official contributors to it sounds so extreme. If you’d like to invite others to publish posts or help approve comments on your blog, you can invite them to be a Contributor, Editor, or Author. If you want users to receive updates each time you publish new content you can invite them to be a follower/viewer.
    See here: and here

    It sounds like you attempting to harvest email addresses and use them for marketing purposes.

    There is no such mass mailing feature here at Your followers can subscribe to receive your posts by email and they can control the frequency of receipt. However, when subscribers or commenters provide an email address for a specific purpose you cannot use it for any other purpose. In fact doing that in some countries like Canada is against the law.

    You can create a page and clearly state on it that you intend to harvest email addresses if that’s what you want to do.

    You can add and customize a contact form with multiple fields, change the email address where you’ll be notified, and mark feedbacks as spam from your dashboard on that page.

    You can create a sign up page on MailChimp directly and simply link to it from your site. Here’s their instructions

    Additional information:
    You can set up email subscriptions here > Appearance > Widgets > Follow Blog Widgets by using this guide >

    We have a subscription shortcode which you can make use of. The help page on it is right here:

    If you would like a follow button to appear on the bottom right hand corner of your site for those who do not have accounts go to > Settings > Reading and scroll down to Follower Settings:

    These settings change emails sent from your blog to followers.
    Logged out users __ Show follow button to logged out users.

    Checking this will present a follow button to logged out users in the bottom corner of their screen.

    Find Friends Who Use WordPress >




    Thank you for your reply, but I think that you are assuming things that are not the case…

    >>> “You cannot add anyone’s email address and subscribe on their behalf. “

    I am not adding anyone as a subscriber, nor have I ever done that. Not sure from where you got that?? Please re-read what I wrote. (And please don’t infer that I am a spammer. That’s not very polite.)


    >>> Adding 4600 people to any blog as official contributors to it sounds so extreme.

    I have run a group on LinkedIn (Linked 2 Leadership) with 29,000 members since March 2008. It is from this group that I invite professionals who want to share their expertise, experience, and heartbeat on our topics. Interested group members must complete a form that includes their email address. It is from this information that I send an invitation to be a Contributor. I am sorry that my dedication to helping professional gain exposure and serve our readers with their wisdom sounds extreme to you.

    I only have been using my form for the last year and a half. Prior to that I simply contacted them through LinkedIn and asked them to blog. 4600 of them have said yes to wanting to be a Contributor, but only 600 of them have actually signed on to create a account. I simply want to reach out to those who have not gone through the steps (for whatever reason) and remind them of the opportunity to share their wisdom.


    It seems that if I can download the email addresses of the people who subscribe to my blog through (for whom I don’t have their permission to email them), that I would certainly be able to download the email addresses of those who already gave me permission to invite them to be a Contributor.

    I have trouble understanding why, since I entered the email addresses into a database in the first place, I would not have access to them??




    If you put the emails in in the first place, presumably you have them already.

    There is no “download email” function as you define it.



    Last time I looked at my invited list I could see the email address I sent the invite to

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