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accessing media through domain name

  1. I'm producing a student-centred blog and it's currently hosted on my own domain. The problem is that media is automatically stored at the wordpress address, which means uploaded pdfs etc are blocked for students accessing through school (school policy is to block, madness I know)

    Can I change the default address at which media will be located? Something to do with files.etc subdomains?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm producing a student-centred blog and it's currently hosted on my own domain.

    What is the URL of the site in question, starting with http:// The one linked to your username is linked to a address.

  3. sorry, thought I'd selected from the 'concerning' dropdown. The blog is based on

  4. There isn't really a way to change the default location of files uploaded here to They will always show the underlying address (

    So, the only workaround I can think of is to host the files elsewhere and use the "Insert by URL" tab in the Uploader to create a download link. The site where you are hosting the files must allow "hotlinking" so you can pull them into your site. When you insert by URL, you must see the green check mark that indicates that the file can be accessed by your site.

    You might want to look at various options, such as Scribd, Box widget, Google docs, etc. even Dropbox's public folder.

  5. thank you - I was hoping to work this via wordpress itself but GoogleDocs may have to be an alternative.

    I've set up google apps already for the site (to run email) so guess it's not too bad a solution.

  6. In SEO terms, it's going to be better for your blog to leave things the way they are than to use a third-party hosting service.

  7. yes, for being found - but if kids at schools can't access because of (admittedly stupid and short-sighted) wordpress blocking policy, the site is fairly pointless.

    i've had a look at cname stuff, and it *might* work - if I've understood it right, I can set up an alias so that putting in the studenttoolkit address redirects to files.wordpress media. If I'm right. Which I'm probably not.

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