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    I have a blog and want to get it on my own domain:

    I used wordpress to host my previously-purchased (not wordpress) domain; it says it is successfully completed.

    But now when I type in OR even the old, both reroute me to an empty “nothing” page. If it helps, please see

    How do I fix this so that gets me to my wordpress blog?


    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog is already correctly redirecting to the domain when I view it. I am in Canada. Did you know that it can take 24 – 72 hours for the domain name URL changes to propagate throughout the internet?


    Thanks for the reply Timethief. You mean when you visit you can see my blog? I am still unable to see it and am directed to a “nothing” page. I am in Singapore currently, and it’s been almost 24hrs, so I’ll try to be patient, but it seems strange that it would take so long.



    Your site resolves fine for me also:

    There can be local caching issues, have you tried clearing the cache on your browser? I have moved sites and it took over 24 hours for me to see the site but a friend that had never been to the site was able to see it fine in a short time. Ask a few friends in Singapore to look at your site.

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