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    Having discovered, through perusing someone else’s post in a forum, that we who bought themes are meant to get support from the designers, I attempted to make contact with Themify. I figured that Richard has probably had as much as he can take …
    But it’s impossible.
    Seems you can only contact them once you’ve bought a theme from the site. As I already have mine (note! – at AUD130, I could wish very much indeed that I’d known about Themify FIRST! Jesus! US59??? – but that’s another story), I will hardly buy another. There appears to be no way of making contact with the bastards.
    Advice from anyone, please? (I’m guessing that tsp has gone – at least, I’m hoping he has!)

    The blog I need help with is



    You get support through a special theme forum – the designers and staff help there – the link below should work


    Goodness! – I’ve never known about that section of Support!
    Thank-you very much: it’s appreciated.



    You be welcome & good luck



    1. All upgrades are linked to here
    2. Premium Themes support doc entry
    Note Premium Themes Support
    3. Newsy is a premium theme part of what you purchased is support direct from the theme’s designer. The person with the username account who purchased the theme can post to the Premium Theme Support forum for the theme to get help with it in in the Premium Theme Support forum. However, it’s Christmas Eve day so read this please


    Good on yer, timethief!
    What I read must have been ancient, I suppose.



    You’re welcome.



    @m. R.
    Not ancient, but something for We cannot use it here on
    Happy Holidays! ≥^!^≤


    Tess, me old china plate – same to you.
    I love your new nick!!
    Have you admired my new haircut? – bottom of sidebar …



    This looks like a resolved thread, no?


    Your merest wish is my command.



    Happy Holidays! Cabbage rolls are in the oven and I’m off to do the clean-up before the next bout of cooking.


    You are a woman of taste. I have always said so.
    Same to you, m’dear.



    @m. R.
    Very chic!
    You look like a model of loving life.
    both as a woman who loves life, and as a woman who has lots of love.
    and a bit of mystery— stories to tell…

    me, I’m just an 18 or 19 year old cat. LOL


    And a very, very fine one!! In fact, according to your photo there, a most good-looking one! Such whiskers!
    Here’s hoping those stories start getting told.
    Compliments of the season, and just … compliments, Tess.

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