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    i accidently deleted my blog just 10 mins is there any way to recover it.they didnt even send me an email confirmation.
    any help is appreciated


    Sorry, there is NO way to recover a permanently deleted site. There were multiple warnings, which you really couldn’t have accidentally ignored. And since it says it has been deleted, an email confirmation must have been sent, and someone must have pressed to confirm the blog to be deleted.



    well i checked my eamil there was no email.which i clicked.they could have at least sent me an email for confirmation regarding permanent deletion.well i do made step 2 verification if i make step 2 verification on then wont i recive email ?

    this is the adress by the way


    Permanent deletion always sends out an email to confirm it, this ensures that the person who owns the site is actually the one requesting it. Are you sure the email you checked is the email which was assigned to your blog? Could someone else have done it?

    If you really didn’t receive any email, that is odd, but there is nothing we can do to fix a permanent deletion. I’ll tag this thread for staff support to see what they have to say about that matter, but permanent deletion cannot be done without someone confirming via email.

    2 step verification has nothing to do with your ability to receive emails, it just provides an extra step of protection against someone ‘hacking’ into your blog.



    well actually i didnt recieve any email.this is the procedure i done.
    i went to dash board then my blogs then changed my blog address from one to another and ticked the box which contains a text saying r u sure u want to permenatly disable ur wordpress blog .so by doing this procedure i lost my blog.and no email recieved for confirmation by using this procedure



    Also i am the only user and no users are controlling the does this prevent them from sending emails or the way i went above prevented for confirmation email


    So you actually changed your URL, what did you change it to? If you’ve change your URL an email isn’t sent, but everything will now be on the new URL that you have requested. Nothing should be lost. Though your old URL cannot be regained because you ticked that box.



    yaa nothing is lost but i lost the old url so i was just want to know any method to regain the old url.and also it would be better they could have atleast sent a confirmation email saying ur blog address cant be regained and will permanently be disable or something like that


    No sorry, there is no way to regain the old URL. I do agree that it seems odd that by ticking one checkbox your old URL is gone for good, but nothing we can do about it, except hope they think it’s a good idea too.

    If you really want the old URL back, you can pay for the domain for $18 a year, and you can use that domain anywhere and for anything.



    well i will be more careful from now on.
    Thank you for your patience in helping me all this time.


    No worries, I’m happy to be of assistance

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