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Accidental incorrect blog transfer

  1. Accidental incorrect blog transfer!
    I accidentally transferred my blog somewhere and I cannot get it back. ( I wanted to combine two blogs into one but instead transferred it somewhere unknown. This was last year when I first started wordpress and just figured I deleted it somehow. I now want to use wordpress again(username withlovelisa) and stumbled upon Friend Finder and actually found that blog I thought i "lost", which belongs to me. I have no clue how to get that blog back or which email of mine I transferred it to! Please help. Much thanks!
    Blog url:

  2. I flagged this for the staff to help you - just for the record - what is the blog you transferred to the wrong account? This will help the staff

  3. Thank you for the reply! I am not entirely sure because I had three different blogs(which I deleted recently) but It may have been:

    I hope there is a way to rectify the confusion using my email account.

  4. was transferred to the user that you stated above on September 22, 2011.

    The blog is still accessible by that user. Are you having trouble logging in to that account?

  5. Yes am I because I thought that blog was associated with this account I am using right now. That blog is definitely mine but I cannot remember which username or email I originally started it with if it was not this current one. Could I transfer it back to this current wordpress account?
    Or how can I recover my username and password it is now transferred to?

  6. The transfer was done too long ago for me to move it back, but I can tell you that it was moved to the account that owned

  7. The account that owned is this account I'm using right now but I dont see the transferred blog. Can you just delete and I will start over?

  8. withlovelisa actually was never the owner of

    You had created a new account to register that blog, and it's the same account that you later transferred to.

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