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Accidentally clicked publish - would like clean undo

  1. Several times now, and twice in the past month, I've accidentally clicked Publish before my post was done. I love how fast and efficient WordPress is -- but surely wish that it was a little less fast and efficient on publish, as it <i>immediately</i> e-mailed the unfinished post to all my subscribers and published to RSS where feedreaders picked it up.

    I would like there to be a way to cleanly unpublish, preventing the post from hitting e-mail and feed readers. I hate to ask for an 'are you sure' question on publish, because that's so brute force, but it would work too.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no such thing as "unpublishing" any post. You publish and pings all the search engines for you. There is a "preview" function and that's what we use to check out our post prior to clicking "publish".

  3. I get that. I'm familiar with preview. I just sometimes accidentally click Publish when I mean to click Save Draft.

    I'm just asking the nice folks at WordPress to consider some ways to make it possible to fix it when a post is accidentally published before it is ready. Could some usability work be done on the New Post page to make it harder to accidentally publish? Could publishing be made to wait 5 minutes before sending to the world so the errant blogger can undo his action? Something?

  4. I'll flag this thread so it gets moved to the Ideas Forum where we make suggestions to Staff.

  5. That would be awesome! Thank you.

  6. Done. :)

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