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    Hello, after working about a month on just text in my sidebar (Links, Polls, About text, etc.) I wanted to make a minor change in the wording of something. Instead of clicking “SAVE”, I clicked “REMOVE” and all of my hard work of HTML coding and typing information was GONE.

    Is there any possible way I can get this back?? It took me SO LONG, and it was SO HARD to do- I can’t believe after one click I really lost it all. I like the old edit widget section – where you have to click “save” even AFTER you hit remove on one of your widgets!

    Any help would be great, this is an incredible loss to me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you mean you lost the contents of the widget you were editing, or all your work(which should not be possible)?


    QUICKLY check your url link on Google or Yahoo and check the cache if your previous work was on there for a significant amount of time. The other week my widgets started disappearing when I would edit and that’s the only way I got back what I lost.


    I don’t understand either. You mean you put “Links, Polls, About text, etc” all in one text widget?

    And please link to your blog.



    It’s at and I even went back right after the incident and it had already registered – everything was gone. Yes – I put all the sidebar text in ONE widget. Big mistake?



    Your text is still in the google cache, look here:

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    Download this and paste it in your text widget. You should have everything back then:

    Good luck,
    – Lora



    – Yes, big mistake! You can add as many text widgets as you want (with what you had as headings being the title of each one). Easier to edit or rearrange, and you would lose very little in an accidental “remove”.

    – Some of the things you added needn’t be in a text widget: there are widgets for categories, links etc.

    – pornstarbabylon provided the correct suggestion, and lorawow the actual page. You can visit the cached page and select “View Source” in your browser: the complete html code will be there.

    – In the future, don’t forget computer rule number one: back-up!



    Well done, Lora, that was a great response. :)



    Thank you SO MUCH Lora – I will be much more careful next time! :D

    @panaghiotisadam: I don’t like using the preset widgets for that template…just don’t like the look. But I’ll back up right now in case of another accident!

    Thank you all for your help – the community is AWESOME!




    You’re welcome.

    @panaghiotisadam: That’s what I’ve done, then copied it over in a notedpad doc and uploaded it to megaupload.



    I’ve now copied the code into Office OneNote – so I can’t loose it. ;)

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