Accidentally deleted my About page

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    I’ve accidentally deleted my “About” page. When I look at “Hemingway Options” under “Presentation”, I can see that the “About page” is supposed to be displayed in the left 1/3 of the screen at the bottom of the page, but nothing shows now. I can’t get it back. Can anyone tell me how to create a new About page (I don’t care about the old content – I was trying to change it anyway) that shows up where it’s supposed to at the bottom of my Hemingway theme? Thanks in advance!




    dashboard -> write -> write page



    If you deleted it; make a new one.




    All that within 19 minutes. Goodness.



    You people are wonderful! Thanks so much for the quick replies, but I didn’t really make myself clear in my original post. I know how to create a new page, I can even guess that it’s supposed to be named “About”. The trouble I’m having is getting it to display on the bottom of the Hemingway template for my site. When I view source on my site, I can see where it’s supposed to go – in the ancillary information page inside the first <div> section, but I don’t know how to get my site to actually display a page there anymore. From the google cache page source that Trent sent to me, i can see what’s supposed to go there to display the about page, but I can’t figure out how to get the about page to be referenced there again.


    Go into presentation > hemingway options and drag the grey bar with “about page” into the far left bordered area below.



    Thanks thesacredpath – it was already there, but still not showing up. However, I fixed the problem – I changed my theme, saved, then changed back to Hemingway. All is in order not. Thanks so much for all your help everyone.


    You’re welcome. Sometimes in cases like that your browser is looking at a cached version and force-reloading the page, or clearing your browser cache and then reloading will take care of it. The good thing is that everything is back to normal. Happy blogging.

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