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Accidentally deleted my blog with registered!

  1. destroyingeden

    I thought I was deleting a separate blog that I had but wasn't using, and now both the blog I didn't want to keep -AND- the one I did want to keep are gone, and an older blog that I deleted a long time ago is showing up. What do I do? How do I get my domain back?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the blog that you need to recover? If it wasn't deleted too long ago, we may be able to recover it.

  3. I only deleted it about an hour ago.

  4. hasn't been deleted.

    I do see a few posts that have been deleted, and these are unfortunately beyond recovery.

  5. destroyingeden

    I can see that is still functional, but for some reason I no longer have access to it when I log into WordPress. I am seeing a, which is a blog I thought I deleted a while back, but no or even

    When I check Upgrades > Domains all that I see is I am not worried about any particular posts being deleted, I just need to regain access to

  6. You do have a few blogs under your account, and perhaps that one is your default.

    Can you access it directly via ?

  7. destroyingeden

    Yes, I can still access it via direct link. I would rather have it back in my dashboard...and to know what the heck happened.

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