Accidentally deleted my blog with registered domain…help!

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    I thought I was deleting a separate blog that I had but wasn’t using, and now both the blog I didn’t want to keep -AND- the one I did want to keep are gone, and an older blog that I deleted a long time ago is showing up. What do I do? How do I get my domain back?

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the URL of the blog that you need to recover? If it wasn’t deleted too long ago, we may be able to recover it.


    I only deleted it about an hour ago.


    Staff hasn’t been deleted.

    I do see a few posts that have been deleted, and these are unfortunately beyond recovery.


    I can see that is still functional, but for some reason I no longer have access to it when I log into WordPress. I am seeing a, which is a blog I thought I deleted a while back, but no or even

    When I check Upgrades > Domains all that I see is I am not worried about any particular posts being deleted, I just need to regain access to



    You do have a few blogs under your account, and perhaps that one is your default.

    Can you access it directly via ?


    Yes, I can still access it via direct link. I would rather have it back in my dashboard…and to know what the heck happened.

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