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Accidentally deleted pages widget

  1. Help! I accidentally deleted my Pages widget, and I need it back! I looked around for an Undo or a widget trash bin, but no luck. I searched the forum but no luck. I hope it's somewhere. I suppose I can easily recreate it, but it would be better if I can recover it. I am using Coraline.

    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No problem. Go here and reinstall it > Appearance > Widgets

  3. Also check under "Inactive Widgets" in case you didn't actually delete it.
    > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets

  4. Thanks, but that was the first place I looked. I dragged the pages widget back to the widget area, but it was blank, i,e., it wanted me to create a NEW widget. I tried to type in the name of the specific widget (TBM Pages) but I was afraid to save it in case it overwrote the previous one. It's not in the other area, either, so i guess it's gone.

  5. Those "Delete" and "Close" commands are TOO CLOSE for comfort!!!

  6. Was it a Text widget with your own content in it that you deleted? I'm asking because if it was one of the other widgets it would automatically update eg. Recent Posts, Categories, Archives, Recent Comments, Links, etc. will auto update after you place them in the sidebar again.

  7. It was the Pages widget, not a Text widget. I can recreate it without too much trouble, maybe an hour, then I will be VERY careful from now on.

  8. I'm so glad to hear it wasn't a special Pages widget you created by using a text widget. The Pages widget will auto-update. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

  9. I found it! I just created a new Pages Widget with the same name, saved it, and voila!, there it was. (I was afraid to do this for fear of overwriting the data.) All of the exclusion numbers were also present. A lot of worry for nothing, still, this may be of help to others.

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