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Accidently deleted blog server -- any chance posts are stored on wordpress

  1. Somehow my entire blog was erased tonite when the server it was hosted on was erased. Is there any way to retrieve my posts. Are they backed up on wordpress at all or is there anyplace on the web that might be good to checkout.

    APPRECIATE any help at all as I'm kind of freaking out.

  2. I don't think so. You might try the cached results from Google or Yahoo search if your site had been indexed.

  3. I'm sorry but once you delete a blog it's gone forever. You can confirm this using the search boxes in the FAQs and here in the support forum.

  4. > "Somehow my entire blog was erased tonite when the server it was hosted on was erased"

    I am not sure what that means?

  5. If you've no luck with the caches check Technorati & the various feed reader sites. Your stuff is very likely retrievable from somewhere. I once deleted a post -- an epitaph for a recently departed friend no less -- and thought it gone forever. It turned up on Technorati literally months later...

    Good Luck

  6. Do you mean that WordPress's server got wiped and it took out your blog? Or are you talking about a different blog, hosted outside of

    I had that experience at Diary-X and I suggest using Yahoo caches: they had FAR MORE of my stuff, and more recent stuff, than Google did. Google only picked up stuff that other people had linked to.

  7. Last time I knew, was backed up every two hours. I think the poster is hosted elsewhere and should be over at

    Although they're probably going to list the same responses as stated up above.

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