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accidently followed button on own blog

  1. sybilismyhomegirl

    I know this is stupid, I've done it twice now, lol but I was trying to hit beside the "follow" button on top when working on my blogs (first I did it w/my older one and now with this one) and now I am showing up under followers...kinda embarrassing. I tried hitting the "following" at the top to unfollow and it no longer says "following" but I am still showing in the followers?? How do I fix this and not lose access to my blogs or is it set in stone??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you get the confirmation email to say you are now following a blog it has a manage subscriptions link. If you click on it you can unfollow from there. It won't affect your access to your own blog.
    I have accidentally clicked follow myself a couple of times (curse that tiny ipad screen! ;) ) and just had to unfollow too.

    Don't be embarrassed, many people follow their own blog so they can keep track of what their followers see in the email notification.

  3. sybilismyhomegirl

    thanks! I have to see where said email went (maybe it spammed, lol)...those ipods are terrible for my fat fingers...

  4. sybilismyhomegirl

    well, I checked but I didn't get an email.. maybe something in my settings..i guess I will check there

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