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Accordion style FAQ page

  1. Hi all

    I would like to insert and accordion-style FAQ into one of my WordPress pages to display custom Q&As, working similar to the script domo here:
    I have searhed for a plugin that might help me with this, but found nothing satisfactory.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

  2. Hi. To my knowledge, that sort of thing requires JavaScript, which is not allowed on WordPress.COM. Perhaps another volunteer could confirm?

    As an alternative, you could create a very simple FAQ with a list of page jumps on top, and a "Back to top" link at the end of each question. More info:

  3. Page jumps are the best way to achieve this on, as airodyssey mentioned other methods would require javascript. It would be possible to do something similar with :hover where holding the mouse over the question revealed the answer but this is pretty bad in terms of usability so I wouldn't recommend it.

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