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    I have few questions that I must know

    [1]- If I have purchased a domain and after a month or year later I cancel my domain, will my free account remain intact ?

    [2]- I haven’t purchased any extra space, on domain cancellation will my media/posts/comments/pages and etc remain or will be removed?

    [3]- I’ve trying to migrating from to but I can not take backup of my media i.e images/mp3/mp4.

    [4]- Since Images are manually embedded in the posts with desired URLs, when I migrate from to my images still uses same URLs, what should I do ?

    The blog I need help with is



    1) yes – the base account URL remains intact with all your content

    2) your old content media / Posts will remain

    3) if your mp3 files etc are referenced in a Post or Page and you choose the correct Export / Import options the content should transfer to a new WordPress site.

    4) if the links are to external sites they should remain intact. If the images are within your site the URL should reflect your new site.

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