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Account deletion

  1. Yes, yes, I know they don't do it, but I *need* to get this account removed.

  2. Then you need to contact staff. The volunteers in the forum can't do it. Whether or not staff will do it is between you and them, but the odds aren't good.

  3. Ok thank you, now how do I contact them ("Support" from the bottom of this page = "support is closed feel free to browse faq")?

  4. That's because Support doesn't work on weekends. Try contacting them on Monday.

  5. If you're desperate, you could email support at wordpress dot com. But I still wouldn't expect to hear from them before Monday.

  6. Yes, I know, but I just wanted to send the support request ASAP (since I have other things to do).

    Thank you for your assistance

  7. We all have other things to do. If you knew how to email them, it would have saved both of us time if you'd said so.

  8. i'm not totally sure, but i remember reading somewhere that staff will never delete accounts. blogs, you can delete, but never accounts. it messes up the system or something, which is the reason why there's no deletions of account.

    but no harm trying to contact support about it, though!

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