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Account Deletion

  1. I want my account deleted immediately. The fact that I am told my account "cannot be deleted" is unacceptable. I want my account deleted now. Thank you.

  2. Deleting a username account is not possible. Moreover, if you ever have a self hosted blog then you need a WordPress.COM account to get your API keys for activating plugins.

  3. No it is quite possible. I want it deleted immedately. I want it deleted now.

  4. If you wish you can delete the blog knowing that once a blog URL is deleted it cannot be recycled and reused by you or anyone else.

  5. delete my account now

  6. As I stated above this is not possible and spamming forum threads demanding what cannot be done will not result in the deletion of your username account.


  8. An account can be created, and account can be deleted. I want it removed immediately.

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