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    My password can’t be recognized to log in I have to reset it every time. The language of account has turn to italian (I write the blog in italian but the account I want it in English. Every time I post it gets freeze and a message about proofreading shows up. My posts do not publish automatically on facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or emails. Aafter changing again the password I have access but then I get disconnected and the password again is not recognised. There is no more contact support or help options. Please help me to neutralise this idiot hacker. It’s getting a huge nuisance to try to use my account. Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Blogs do not get hacked unless you fail to follow security protocols.

    • Who has access to your login information?
    • Did you use the same password for your email account and your blog?
    • Are you sharing log-in information with anyone or leaving it where anyone can locate it?
    • Is your password a weak one that others can easily guess?
    • Are you remaining logged in on your computer so anyone can come along and access your blog through it?
    • Are you using a wifi connection and not using the https:// login?

    Go to your email program and change the password to a very difficult one because that’s how many hackers gain access to blogs.

    Then read this please and act on what you find there >

    1. If you can log-in go here > Users > All Users and delete any user that does not belong there.

    2. Disable post by email >

    3. Disable post by voice >

    4. Change your blog password to a very difficult one >

    5. Use a secure, encrypted connection to connect to your Dashboard. Under Users → Personal Settings, check the box that says “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages, and click Save Changes.

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    I have found out that the TPG server people has configurated my connection passing through the complicated password of my reuter, that the wifi do not work. To fix issues with my mac even the supervisor at apple care used a remote access software that is still connected and the one used by HP expert, also a supervisor, was connected for 3 days until I had seen the message that it crashed.
    It looks like there is a major superior problem with my computers (3 all with softwares installed to spy or filter) and my internet connection. And I can’t find a specialist who is willing to fix it honestly.
    I am NOT a terrorist, but I have been involved in the past with high profile people, and it’s not all gold what it glitters…



    As I cannot help I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Once you get access back & things straightened out – consider the Two Step Authentication option. That involves a second one time password being sent to your cell phone. I think there are two options, one uses an App on your cell phone & the other just has a text message sent to your cell phone.

    I have seen some problems in the forum with the App when the cell phone is upgraded or other work done on it. There are some security codes you should print out in case of problems with the App so you don’t loose access. But I would be more comfortable with the text message thing. At least that would require a fairly elaborate something to get into your account as they would need to grab your cell phone access as well as your password since the text is a one use with a time limit on it I think.

    The staff can give you more info.


    Thank you, I am currently using the mobile code as second option, whoever is doing this seems to have access to my mobile as well
    Police says I have to find myself an expert, unless they steal money from my account, but even though days ago I received a final warning to pay an account with Optus (that I had already paid through the internet on the 4 december) they didn’t pay any attention.



    It sounds like you will need to sort out your connection/account security issues before any fix on our end will have any effect.

    I am surprised, though, that two-factor authentication won’t work for you, as the *only* person who can use that is someone who has physical access to your mobile device. You might try it out to see if that resolves your issues on

    You might also look into getting a different ISP or using a proxy to secure your web traffic.

    Until you can resolve your security issues, I’m not sure what I can do. You might download your blog by going to your Dashboard and performing an export under Tools > Export, so you have all of your content safe on your own computer.


    I really don’t know what else to do. I have also changed server provider, mobile, passwords from another computer, but I reckon that they have access to my computer physically because I have found also on the other computers softwares that I have never installed. I’ve changed the house locks as well.
    I wonder if there is a way to trace the hacker back to his origin, but the police says that unless they stole money or I get harmed I have to resolve the issue by myself.
    It’s so annoying not to be able to use my blog as I wish.
    If I change password on the computer the mobile application doesn’t recognise it and vice versa, so I have tried from the mobile as well but no success. It’s the same with Facebook, all of my chats content has been deleted most of the friend I had have been either cancelled or substituted. Some emails, photos and documents disappeared too.
    It’s too much, I wonder what kind of hacker would do that.
    I don’t know whether to buy another computer would change this situation.
    Any expert to suggest consulting?



    Sounds like you have Malware on your PC and a Key Logger program. Maybe a good Anti-Virus would help clean it up. Might also need a good Pro shop to check things.

    You might download your blog by going to your Dashboard and performing an export under Tools > Export, so you have all of your content safe on your own computer

    Good suggestion BUT – that only saves the text and links to Media (pictures & uploaded files) not the media files themselves –

    Another good way to keep a backup is to have a friend do a backup for you – you do the export file – then using the old fashioned “sneaker net” hand carry the backup XML file on a CD to them – DO NOT EMAIL them about this, DO NOT CALL them using your cell phone or any of your regular phones (borrow a neighbors phone). Have them set up a new account and blog here – then import your blog to their new blog (include the media) – then set the new backup blog to “Private” so nobody can see it (including you) – leave no tracks!!!

    that gives you a backup with the media – do not admit to anyone if you do this unless you are sitting across the table from them in a noisy area – if you are being censored by someone this will at least make them work harder.

    Good luck and sorry for the extra drama

    @jackie – this is another time where the ability for the OP to download all their media to their PC and burn it to a CD would be very very good – a suggestion I made a few weeks ago – please put another check mark on the “would really help” sheet



    I would really recommend wiping your computer completely and re-installing everything from the operating system on up, then installing a good firewall and virus scanner.


    yes auxclass, indeed. I have checked on internet some of the softwares I have found and they are malaware. On top, the keychain access has been doubled, there are 2 of them and the other is locked by a unknown password. Moreover I have noticed that some devices are connected on my computer but they are not shown on the finder section of devices.
    I’ll try to find someone to keep materials. Everybody seems to be scared and backs off. Even at the genius bar at Apple store they have rejected help saying that they do not understand.
    I had a lot of pressure to wiping my computer completely and re-installing. I did that with the previous one, at least I thought, but at Apple they simply add another one on top. I woudn’t cancell everything because if I die I wish someone could retrieve some of the material that has been erased.
    Thank you all for your advice.
    One last thing: usb not connected to the computer how have they been erased? I hid one and still the content has lost the most delicate docs. How to protect them? Another one is always with me, how could a message from a virtual friend on FB know what was in it (articles and photos)?


    coming back to wordpress, how can I change the password in way that it can be recognised by both the mobile app and the computer? If I use it on one the other doesn’t recognise it.



    There’s several issues that have come up here since I last posted.

    First, @federicapolegri, if you reset your password, it will also work on mobile devices. If you have two-factor enabled, you will need to create a new application-specific password:

    Second, to the downloading of media: this is definitely on our radar and is being discussed by developers now, as it is something that would benefit many users.

    As to the hacking and computer security issues in general: @federicapolegri, I can imagine this is a very frustrating situation, and I wish you all the best of luck resolving it. However, this really is outside of the scope of the forums. Some solid recommendations have been made in this thread, but this isn’t a problem we will be able to resolve for you here.

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