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Account Recovery Problem

  1. I'm tring to set up my account recovery in case I forget my log in details but in the "Mobile Phone Country" drop down menu, there is no UK choice. I've filled in the mobile number field but it keeps asking for a country. As there is none for UK what do I do?

    Thank you.

  2. Yes same problem here and not getting anywhere is searches - this is how i came across this page searching for answers :)

    Key search "no uk Mobile Phone Country wordpress recovery" anyone no ?

    Maybe word press top guns add here to let us all no please.

  3. I have flagged this for staff attention to help you

  4. Hi there, the countries that you see listed in the dropdown list are the only ones where we support account recovery by SMS at the moment. Thank you for your feedback, we are looking to enable this feature for more countries in the future.

  5. Hello WordPress

    When will you be adding the United Kingdom to the list of countries that can use their mobile phone for Account Recovery?

    Thanks very much

  6. Hi there, we are looking into this. We don't have a specific timeline so I cannot give you a firm confirmation at this time.

  7. Hi Jenia

    With the UK being such a large country, I thought it would have automatically been your 2nd choice for SMS Recovery after the US?



  8. All it means is that you currently do not have the option of account recovery by having send you an SMS to your mobile phone.

    You do have other ways to recover your account. Please see this Support doc for clarification:

  9. @JustJennifer

    I know this already, that was not the issue I was raising.

    What I wanted to know was when the UK would have access to the new functionality?

    The UK has a population of 63 Million so I think we are more deserving than say the Bahamas (347K) or the Cayman Islands (56K)

    Why are these well know tax havens served first???

  10. @michaelruddocknet: I can see that you can't wait for this new feature being enabled for your country. There were some operational considerations for enabling the feature for the current set of countries at this time. Thank you for your patience!

  11. Looks like the UK and most the rest of the world is now good to go or at least listed.

  12. @justjennifer

    This is good news, I am really happy this has been done. Well done to all involved.

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