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Account says email already used what can i do.

  1. makemoneyonlineabloggerschallenge

    Account says email already used what can i do.

  2. Is it just me, or does this ID scream "potential TOS violator" at anyone else? I hope I just got the wrong impression.

  3. I'm running into the same problem. When I attempt to change my password, I get the error described above.

  4. @hypocrates:
    that sounds like a back end issue, so i would send an email to support[at]

  5. Here's the blog link
    "makemoneyonlineabloggerschallenge" sounds like the username of someone who hasn't read the ToS or the advertising policy
    Those who want to monetize blogs need to hire a webhost and download a free blog template from

  6. Timethief, have they done anything yet? Please remember that folks are innocent until proven guilty here in the States.

  7. @drmike and judyb12
    "Sounds like" is not a conviction of wrong doing. It can however be an indication of not being aware of advertising policy or of the terms agreed to in the ToS. And we see many examples of that variety of unawareness here every week.

  8. To answer teh question though, there's a couple of threads on the subject. I've sent in a feedback to ask if staff was aware of the issue.

  9. Setting up a blog on how to make money blogging with a host that doesn't let you make money blogging? Yeah, that makes sense.

  10. Actually there's quite a few of them here.

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