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account suspended?

  1. Anyone else have their account suspended for no reason?


  2. This is so weird. My blog is still there.

  3. I just emailed you for more info.

  4. My account was suspended, i reset my password.
    Now when i try to edit something I am getting this error.
    Dagnabit! There’s been an error. Please contact [email redacted] with your blog address, and report this completely incomprehensible phrase: “error number [email redacted]” (which means something to somebody, promise!)

  5. "with your blog address"

    If I know that, I can fix.

  6. my blog address is

  7. I had to get another user name just to post. My account is suspended. 2 or my 3 blogs are visible but inaccessible. One was shut down for TOS violation. I can't imagine how this is true. My blog is not in violation. It's a discussion about Fibromyalgia, anxiety/panic and agoraphobia. There's never been questionable content. I don't understand and I can't contact anyone. HELP this issue is still going on. and the associated account is the problem

  8. justdeb: posting in one thread will do, don't have to post in multiple threads. i'm sure staff monitoring the forums will read this eventually, but you may want to contact support to make sure it reaches them. contact support link is at the top.

  9. Please do not post the exact same issue in three threads. It will not help you.

    Looking at the Google cache of the site, the issue would appear to be the large image ad you have for YouPost, which is a commercial product. That's against the terms of service here. I am not staff, but I would suggest that in order to get the blog back, you would have to agree to delete that ad as soon as you were able.

  10. @justdeb
    I agree with raincoaster. If you want your blog back then IMHO you ought to delete the advertising in your sidebar. You are running a commercial ad in your blog for: "YouPost" and that's against the Terms of Service and the advertising policy. By running the ad you are driving traffic to a 3rd party site.
    See Section 2, 5th bullet

  11. Please see this update from Mark

  12. Cross reference to announcement from staff that the problem is fixed:

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