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    I have been, without warning and seemingly without cause, been suspended from my WordPress account. This account has years of writing and research which was backed up by no other media. The articles and research contained in my account are very valuable and precious. My publisher recently suggested I collect the articles for a book that is believe would be very profitable. My congregation studies the articles in this account and my following was beginning to experience substantial growth. I am quite upset by the suspension. I have read the Terms of Service and see not one place where I may have violated them. I made available some Youtube sermons which I have done in the past without problem. Why is this suddenly a concern.

    All I did was create a new page in which I described the classic sermons. I then created a link to a personal PDF document I made which lists these sermons and links to hear them on Youtube. This seems to be standard procedure on various other WordPress sites. The only thing I can imagine that went wrong was the fact I used the word “link” which may have been picked up by a robot which mistakenly thought I was attempting to promote other outside websites. I assure you this was not the case. I simply directed my readers to classic and many vintage sermons found on Youtube.

    PLEASE, as soon as possible, help me correct this situation. I would be forever grateful.

    Thank you very much.

    Rev. Curtis D. Ward



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