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Account Suspended or Archived ?

  1. My Blog got Suspended / Archived today. I dont know what went wrong. Please let me know What do I need to do to unsuspend it because I can assure everybody at wordpress that this was not my intention. Kindly help me.

    The URL is

  2. there has been a similar report; please contact support at wordpress dot com about this.

  3. This has been answered. For the curious, ads and the wrong links have this effect.

  4. I saw you responding and on the forum boards about the account suspensions. Two of my blogs have also been suspended. I can't login to even post on the forum. I've emailed Matt and the rest of the crew but if you can login to the forums, a note to reassure users that this is being looked into might help. --- Lorelle

    Bloggers experiencing this problem please send your urls to staff in an email to support [at] wordpress [dot] com.

  5. timethief - I do not understand why you posted that or your meaning.

    I also do not understand that last line after what has been said numerous times.

  6. Presumably Lorelle shot timethief an email about not being able to log in and having her blogs suspended? Engtech commented on my blog about the same thing.

    I'm sorry, but I don't believe that the suspensions of high-profile bloggers like that can be anything to do with 'ads or the wrong links'. It has to be technical. Please don't fob us off. And if accounts suspended for no reason aren't urgent enough for email, I'm not sure what is.

  7. I'm answering every email.

  8. @Mark
    I'm sorry if I offended. :( My intent was to offer reassurance. I assumed that if Lorelle had this problem and her suspended blogs were advertising free that other bloggers who have blogs without advertising and odd links may have experienced the same thing.

    If you would like to delete my posts please feel free to do so.

    /nod to wank

  9. I do not see any of Lorelle's blogs suspended.
    I replied to Engtech by email.

  10. As Lorelle could not post to the forum she emailed me. She is currently on her way to the airport due to a death in the family. I'll leave this to you to sort Mark. Once again, I'm sorry I offended. :(

  11. Mark - have I got this right: the preferred method for users to contact is via the drop down doodad on the top menu and not by email ?

  12. The preferred method is the Support link or the Support page.

  13. @Mark so what is the best contact procedure currently when support is closed?

  14. Post on the forum and tag the thread with 'modlook'. (I know, I know, we'd do the same if it were spam, and there's a faint risk we might get Trent, but it's the best we have.)

  15. Sheesh - Mark is working as hard and as fast as he can. I don't recommend using the modlook tag unless there is inappropriate language, a personal attack, spammy links or troll like posts in a thread. I haven't seen Trent post today. He was around yesterday for an hour or more.

  16. Just trying to invite Mark to define a *best practice* out of hours which all helpers can follow. Right now there is no protocol.

  17. Hopefully this'll get sorted out.

    I'm operating on the assumption that this is technical, not because of a TOS violation.

    I backup once a month, and I always archive my RSS feed to a gmail account, so it's going to suck if I have to switch blog hosts but it isn't the end of the world.

    If this isn't a TOS violation and I get reinstated I'm definitely going to be scheduling daily backups of my WXR file.

    This is a good argument for creating a second admin account as well -- although I don't know if when an account suspension happens it happens to every author on a blog. (I'm a guest blogger on Lorelle's blog so our accounts are tied that way).

  18. @atthe404
    No offense intended

  19. Well we all hope that the legendary engtech has not been suspended :)

  20. engechtmp - it is indeed technical and we have hands on deck to get everything fixed.

  21. Oh my, so I didn't do something wrong too? I have the same issue with my materialmama ( site, which is just about sewing for your kids. It says I was suspended for violations of terms of service, which is very concerning to myself and my podcast listeners.

  22. @timethief and root: just passing on what Mark told me here.

    Of course, the policy may well have changed since then.

  23. No worries W. Thanks. :)

  24. I have lost access to my second blog but I don't use it very often. I just have it for testing things. It shows a completely white page - nothing on it. It is not public but this is the url:

    There is no need for special support I just thought I'd better tell it. I guess it will be back when I see it...


  25. @wank
    Thanks. I had no idea that we were not to give out the email address when support is closed. No one has ever stated this to me and I assumed that it was okay to do so. If this is the current protocol, then I believe that the other the forum volunteers should be made aware of it once things settle down because I'm sure they don't know either.

  26. Yes, if I hadn't happened to be passing by Mark's support blog I wouldn't have known about it. Best thing to do is probably tell everyone to subscribe to so we don't miss anything else.

  27. Good idea. :)

  28. universalgeni, that link goes to your blog and there's no white page. You say it's not public. Not a public blog? Because your top post says:

    February 14, 2007 at 2:07 pm | In Ballade, Dette og hint, Diverse, Eksempel, Eksperiment, Formålsløst, Forsøg, Lidt af hvert, Pjat, Prøveklud, Small talk, Sniksnak, Test, Uncategorized | No Comments

    Pakistanerne i Norge giver helt ny mening til begrebet, kulturberigelse. Enorme paladser skyder op i Pakistan, bygget af taxachaufører, pizzeriaejere, grønthandlere m.fl., - ofte lige midt i fattige landsbyer. En lokal murer koster 6 kroner i timen i Pakistan. Det skriver

  29. I'm surprised! I will have that changed right away!

  30. There. Now it should be "privatized". I just use it for various testing. Design ideas or such. Or to lean functions, that WordPress offers but are unknown to me. I am not exactly a super user. :-D

    And yes, now I have access again.

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