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Account Suspended or Archived ?

  1. Hi Yes,

    Our username has been suspended. a couple of our blogs are still showing up but a couple are archived but I cannot login. I am using my personal blog login to comment here.

  2. You will need to contact staff and give them the names of the suspended blogs. They will be able to tell you why, or reactivate them if it was an error.

    [edit: use the support tab at the top of the forum or in your dashboard.}

  3. Great. Thank You

  4. universalgeni, your blog is private now because when clicked that link now goes to just

    webtrends, is up and running again. :) Is that the one that was suspended?

  5. No. It is not working now . I emailed suport. I hope that will help.

  6. goodinfosource

    Has everyone elses issues been resolved? We are still down. I am not sure if this is just us or if anyone else hes been suspended. I don't see any reason why we would have been suspended. Thanks it is for and all glogs that were created under that username. Please can any moderators help?? Thanks

  7. We have only one Moderator and he cannot help with a technical issue like this one. He does not have backend access to blogs. No volunteers have backend access to blogs, only staff do.

    The only things our Moderator can do that other volunteers cannot do is
    (1) see your ip
    (2) move threads from one forum to another and
    (3) delete posts from threads where required.

    Moderators do not have any special line of communication with staff. They don't know anything more about what's going on that any of us do.

    Staff do monitor these threads but if you like to you can send in an additional Support request using this link

    Note though that I personally do not recommend doing so. Staff are already hard at work and stopping to read contact requests when the same people have already posted to the forum IMO is a time waster. If everyone is patient and doesn't flood them with support requests they will have more time to devote to fixing things.

  8. goodinfosource

    Wow . I am able to login now. But sites are still down

  9. goodinfosource

    Ok Thanks timethief. I will be patient. I can login now with goodinfosource. Maybe they are working on it.

  10. Thanks for being patient. I'm sure staff are on the job because I can see Barry posting to the forum.

  11. @goodinfosource
    There is no such thing as giving staff too much information. The more they have to work with the better. Thanks for posting yours above. :)

  12. goodinfosource

    My issue has been resovled by staff. Thanks

  13. @goodinfosource
    I'm so glad to hear this. YAY! the staff have created another happy ending. :)

  14. learnspanishloudoun

    It's a bit hard to leave a response from accounts when we are unable to log in.
    I happen to have another account. But I still cannot get in with my account.

    I was able to post yesterday, even my header disappeared today.
    any advice? aside from e-mailing support?

  15. thistimethisspace

    It's good that you can log-in to the forum and your other blog. Have you tried clearing your cookies, cache and reloading your browser?

    There are others with problems too and staff is on the job. They monitor these forum threads. Please post the url so staff can locate the blog in question.

  16. learnspanishloudoun

    thanks thistimethisspace.

    I tried doing all of that prior to contacting support.

    is still down at this time.
    I'm sure WP is working on it, just wish there was some feed back.

  17. @learnspanish
    I just looked and your blog is up. Top post: "looming fun and no meat".

  18. jesslovesbutch

    My account has been suspended, too! It was on September 18. I was able to log in, then I logged out. After a few minutes, I refreshed the page and got the message that my account was archived or suspended for violation of the TOS. I checked the TOS and have no idea which terms I supposedly violated. Maybe the staff could look into this and try to fix the problem as soon as possible? Since the support page is unavailable right now, I'm emailing the staff at [email redacted]. Will that help? Thank you.

    My site is

  19. jesslovesbutch: yes that should help. now you have to wait for them to get back to you. =)

    edit: you may want to take trent's advice just in case.

  20. Whether or not you breached the terms of service, that is staff only that can fix you and they request that you contact them through the support tab of this forum when they are open!


  21. mmm on an unrelated topic, the head post date says "December 31, 1969" thats another issue that should be looked at.

  22. Yes, that's a completely unrelated issue which has been covered in other threads. Please don't hijack existing threads with different issues; do a forum search for related threads instead.

  23. I'm not hijacking, I'm just highlighting an issue.

  24. Which won't be responded to in this thread. As long as you're okay with that.

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