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  1. what type of account do I have?
    how do I find my account type on Dashboard (or other location)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Everyone has a free account here unless they are a big organisation and use the VIP program. I'm sure if you were using that you would know it!

    If you have bought any upgrades, you will find them in the sub-menu of 'Store' which is to the left of your dashboard near the top. Particularlly look for 'My Upgrades' and 'Billing History' if you've bought upgrades.

    If you haven't bought upgrades, then you're free blog user.

  3. If you haven't bought upgrades, then you're free blog user.

    Even if you have purchased upgrades, unless you are paying to self-host your site, and using WordPress.ORG (free) software, then you are still a WordPress.Com user with free hosting, and subject to the ToS of

  4. @1tess - thanks. I should have given a link to that, myself. And I did express myself a little badly. Sorry.

  5. AOB,
    It's difficult to remember all the details and implications a person with a question has. Perhaps not in this case, but often there are language differences as well. Communicating via text leaves so much to guesswork.
    I think that is one of the reasons this community/staff forum is so useful: in so many cases it is not just one person who has an answer but several who can provide answers from various perspectives.


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