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Account without a do I change the password?

  1. I've created an account without a blog (new feature!) but can't figure out now to change the password.

  2. OK, you have to be added as a member to another blog to have that option.

  3. The issue has come up in the recent past already in the forums and been pointed out to staff. The responce was that it's being worked on.

  4. Maybe I'm missing something here, but if someone signs up for a non-blog account, why change a password? If it's a login just to get the Akismet key I can't understand why the need to change the password. Like I said, maybe I'm missing a point.

  5. Some of us change our passwords every so often. (*cough* exwife) Also since one is able to put in a URL into the account like here in our profile or if we have to change our email address.

    I'm thinking something like the profile page of what we have here in the forums.

  6. yes, this should certainly be fixed. I'd rather not have to write down some random password that assigned me temporarily.

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