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Acess Rights for Appearence, Widgets, delete, Edit GONE

  1. I haven't logged in here for a very long time. Many if not most of the features I had to set up the blog, appearance, widgets, edit, theme, title on blog, removing widgets, adding wigets, etc, etc, I don't have access to

    It is a closed presently. The only thing that I have changed is the user name, like "public" to "staff" not the one registered with. I did this prior, and didn't loose access to most of the features.

    I have been through the forum sticky topics and others, the only one I see one that relates presently is referring to WIDGETS, which is one of my features I don't have access to.

    I have cogntive/neruolgical problems, and I can't sort it out, I didnt' have problems prior, but it was ages ago. The drop down lists for the features just are not there.

    Thank you very much


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you should contact Staff

  3. And look in the Dashboard on the left side. The sidebar there is collapsed, but if you click on the words, it expands. It's just that they're hidden until you click on them now. All the features are still there.

  4. Wait. I think raincoaster means the screen options.

    The Screen Options pull down tab is located in the upper right corner of your Dashboard. Click it to open it and See>

  5. Yes, that is what I mean. The changes in the Dashboard are huge, and it's hard to find your way around if you expect the old options.

  6. Agreed - I hope she comes back and reads this.

  7. wow I had it all type out and spell checking and the page flipped & lost it, here we go:

    - yes the top drop down options were checked off prior, I doubled checked after I got this reply
    - I do not have access to: Pages (adding or changing), Links, Adding Categories (can see Categories so not sure about adding), Widgets, changing the Name of the blog (not url), the header picture is GONE, there is no access to change it now, the About page what is on it I can't edit or change the Page name, I could edit a knew test post yesterday & edit button shows, but no edit option shows up for older ones now. I can not edit Drafts already in there, I can't even access them, I can only see they are there, the title.

    I can see the dashboard to the left side and the drop down boxes and the above/top they have hidden, I found those prior and all were checked off as said.

    What I do have access to is: Media, I can delete some pics I uploaded it appears, I haven;t tried it yet. Posts, new ones, I can get to Edit, but I can't edit older one or published one. Tools show, profile shows, and Polls show, I can't get Pages, and find access to the others mentioned.

    I thought of deleting it to start a new one - have no access to do that either, and I read in the forums, I would loose the NAME /URL still even with it deleted and I don't want to do that. If I can delete it and keep the URL, I need the publicappealforcheryl, it may be a quicker option for me, i dunno

    Thank you for your time and efforts. I have seen support post in the forum, I guess they are next unless there is something I have posted that is glaring out at you.

    again thank you

  8. the whole appearance module drop down box isn't there, I watched the video

  9. the appearance modle isn't there at all either, i watched the video, I will watch it again when I get everything back thanks

  10. support emailed me and all is resolved. the original email I used, word press didn't recognize, maybe a typo, so I tried another email and got in under author, I am back in as owne/admin today

    thax again for all you help


  11. I'm so happy to hear Staff sorted this for you. Best wishes for great blogging. :)

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