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Activate Theme won't change theme

  1. This is my second blog. (third actually - helped someone set one up last weekend just fine). I want to change the theme but every theme I try won't activate. I try the preview and then activate - it says it is activated but Kubrick is still the one showing. I try just activating directly from the theme listing - same problem.
    I do this: dashboard > appearance > themes > pick a theme and you will preview that theme > In the preview upper righthand corner it will say Activate theme, click on that
    result is that it says the theme changed ... but in reality it still is Kubrick
    Thank you for any tips on how to get the theme to change.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thesacredpath

    Try logging out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. It may be a cookie or cache problem.

  3. I tried this about seven times with no luck ... sure thing ... I post this and now it will work (I must have scared it into working) ... wait a minute ... I changed it a second time and Kubrick just came back again! That is very odd (I have worked at a computer help desk for a decade and these types of problems are hard)

  4. OK ... I tried closing down Firefox, clearing cookies and now it is working ... changed it three times and worked each time. Thank you TheSacredPath!

  5. thesacredpath

    It could be an issue with a transparent (invisible) proxy server at your ISP, or on the internet somewhere between you and wordpress and for some reason it is slow updating or overloaded.

    Transparent proxy servers are being used more and more to cache pages so as to reduce bandwidth usage.

    If this is the blog you are talking about, , then I'm seeing Andreas09.

  6. thesacredpath

    You're welcome.

  7. You are so fast! It was resolved. But now when I went to change setting for the new theme, all of a sudden after setting the author block (an option for the theme) ... Kubrick came back again! It won't go away!

  8. Oh ... I have two blogs ... AccepteNotRejected is just fine. WeeklyBibleReading is my new one with the problems - but it is private so I would need to add you to the list to see it then, right?

  9. thesacredpath

    I'm not sure why this is happening. I still expect a proxy server issue. I've seen it cause these types of issues before.

    My only other suggestion would be to contact support and ask them to take a look and see if they see anything wrong. .

  10. thesacredpath

    I am seeing quite a number of "bad URL's" being reported by my activity monitor when visiting blogs while working here in the forums just lately (past few hours), so perhaps there are some server issues at wordpress. I've contacted support and will post back here when I get word back from them on my inquiry.

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