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  1. SO STUCK.
    Pre-newbie here.
    Purchased a site and now have "Twenty Ten 1.2" theme.
    I want "Thesis" theme - apparently I missed an e-mail to download and activate . . .
    Cannot determine who/how to contact support - seems they are unavailable.
    What next?

  2. I'm sorry to say that you are probably posting to the wrong support forum. This is the support forum that's only for those who have free blogs being free hosted by and we do not have the Thesis theme. That's a theme that must be purchased and it's only for WordPress.ORG blogs. We cannot use it here on WordPress.COM blogs.
    Please read this > and then post to http://wordpress.ORG/support

  3. Thesis is SO 14 months ago.

  4. Thank you so much 'timethief' for the helpful comments and useful links.

    And, thank you raincoaster for the laugh; so, 'rain', what DO you suggest?

    I want a site that's EZ to understand and that has the capability to be slightly customized.

    I've never created a website before. Plus, I have a MAC; does that matter?

  5. You're welcome. :)

  6. Mac
    or other systems,
    you can choose or

    Please read what timethief said:
    Please read this >

    Because you said
    "Purchased a site "
    Then you most likely need to be looking at the other link timethief mentioned:

  7. To confuse you even more, many themes available on wp.COM can be customised very easily.

    Buying a name and hosting a site are not the same. .com offers free hosing (and a multi-user platform to make your site work), but if you choose to pay for a host (and a name) then .org has free software to make your site work.

  8. Customization depends on your tech skills. You can customize several themes here including Vigilance and Digg3 easily. More involved changes involve more involved coding and often a paid upgrade to the CSS editing upgrade. How much did you want to change?

  9. Hi raincoaster, Yes, tech skills for (paid upgrades for) CSS, but many themes here can have custom headers, colors, background images, and a variety of features just by choosing the right theme.

    The question is (for the OP), what features are you needing to use.

  10. Wish I knew 1/8 of what you all do; perhaps next year, after I've met this challenge.

    I obtained Blue Host and then purchased Thesis, but did not know enough to activate it. Sheesh. And not WordPress cannot be accessed . . .

    I want a custom theme so that I can add a customized background (upload of my own making) and a couple of other items I have not seen except on very spendy sites. Thing I am realizing is that some of the things I want are (I think) so custom that they need 'coding', which obviously I do not know.

    I am rethinking this after spending the past 4-5 hours reading and exploring themes/templates and am considering hiring someone for some of it, ALTHOUGH I really like the challenge and actually enjoy the work and do hope to do it myself.

    I think you are all so amazing to give so generously of your time to help others and especially me, since I guess I am on the wrong forum! I'm embarrassed at knowing so little, but feel EXTREMELY grateful for your help/suggestions/solutions.

    Off to see the Wizard for now . . .


  11. If you have Bluehost, you need to install the software from and then upload Thesis. And we can't help you here. You need to be at instead.

  12. Many of the themes here allow you to upload custom headers and backgrounds. No coding required.

  13. jewishstarjewelry

    Whatever happened with thesis? I am having a heck of a time trying to upload it as well!

  14. @jewishstarjewelry - please read the posts above yours

  15. All those with WordPress.ORG installs must post to the correct support forum for their software. That forum is here > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

  16. jewishstarjewelry

    so basically I need a host to upload this? I can't figure this out and am loosing my marbles!

    On another topic I can't even figure out how to upload to the current version. I am a wordpress .com btw

  17. @jewishstarjewelry
    Hello there,
    There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual themes or plugins into them The themes found on the internet are for wordpress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    On free hosted wordpress.COM blogs we can only use the themes which have been coded to run on this multi-user software and made available to us here. > Appearance > Themes and no others. We cannot edit either themes or templates on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. >

    If you wish to have complete control over a blog, the ability to upload themes and plugins, and to edit themes and templates then your option is to hire a web host and get a free software install from WordPress.ORG and self host it.

  18. Read the last link TT gave you and if you've decided to stay at, read:

  19. It seems all possibilities have been addressed with links to relevant info on this issue.
    Anyone else interested will find the current links provided by us volunteers useful.

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