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    I’m using the theme thirteen and in the description it says it “translation-ready”. Does this mean it’s already formated to be translated into another language (Portuguese-English)? And how do I activate this feature?

    The blog I need help with is



    If language of your blog is in Portuguese (or whatever language you use) and strings from that theme are translated, then theme will be translated automatically.


    As I said, the description says “translation ready” but I don’t know how to activate it. If I don’t activate it, no strings will be translated on their own.



    This tag doesn’t have many sense on It is used for to tag themes that can be translated but on all themes can be translated.

    You don’t activate translation of any theme separately, you activate all translations by choosing language of your blog.


    ok, but I want to publish the site in more than 1 language. Is it possible?



    all themes can be translated

    Sorry to correct, but themes not tagged “translation ready” support english only (only very few, and usually older ones).

    You can check the status of the translation of that theme, using the Filter option in GlotPress: (example is for brazilian portuguese)

    I am sorry to say that we do not support multilingual sites. You’d need to either create a separate blog for a separate language or else separate the content in the same blog (using categories, for instance)

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