Activating custom CSS – anything required?

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    I’ve just purchased Custom CSS but it doesn’t seem to have done anything! I still get the whole “please purchase the Custom CSS Upgrade” message when i go to the Edit CSS section and try to do anything. Any help on this appreciated.

    I’ve got two blogs that I run under the same account – could that be affecting anything?

    i.e. my username blog –, and i also run from there. However I’ve checked both and neither of them seem to have upgraded.

    Many thanks for any help



    make sure you have cleared your cache and reload the page to get a fresh copy. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact staff using the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday



    You’ll also need to purchase a custom upgrade for *both* of your blogs, if you want to customize both of them. The upgrade only applies to one blog.



    /not to mebracid

    Agreed. The $15 you pay for an upgrade is for only one blog. It only has a duration of one year. After that you have to renew or the blog will revert to displaying the original theme.

    Setting that aside IMO if staff monitoring these threads do not contact you soon then you should send all your details (receipts,etc) to them using this link



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