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  1. on sign up it went opps and never sent the email activation

  2. What is the site you are trying to activate?

  3. my email for

  4. I don't know, but perhaps another volunteer will have an idea. The only thing I can think of is that you have already used that email address for another account, or another gravatar account. Is that possible?

  5. and opps something went wrong is the best answer they got? maybe for my site which is a WP store?

  6. maybe you misunderstand. It let me sign up and when i clicked to complete it went boom.

    need the pic for a site I am on and this G thing is the only way to do it

  7. You already have a gravatar in these forums.

    That indicates that you have used an email address for a gravatar (already), possibly associated with a account in the past?

    Are you trying to sign up for a new account? If so, then you will need to use a different email. Or you can change your current gravatar for your new site.

    Which new site link is what? http://???

    On there are two different pictures: gravatar (which shows a picture/profile associated with gravatar; or blavatar which shows a tiny little image associated with your site in the navigation bar of your browser.

  8. I used the email of the new site which is the one I signed up for at traffic Swirl and they need to be the same so that the pic will show. I filled in the info and went I clicked the yellow button it said opps some is wrong refresh and try our support and here i am

  9. Okay. Your site is using WordPress.ORG. So there are some confusing things going on with re-using the email addy you have for wp.COM. I'll modlook this so staff can give you more information about how to fix this. Subscribe so you'll be notified when someone responds.

    BTW, do you have seeds for "ground cherries" or "husk tomatoes?" Oh, well, I'll just comment on your siteā€¦


  10. lol hit the contact us on the main page for requests. it is officially open yet I am waiting for when I get 40 different types. LOL

    Where do I subscribe pls?

  11. on the left sidebar of these forums is a link to subscribe:

  12. Your attempt to do this has failed.

    Please try again.

    when I clicked the link.

    It says I am signed in and also I clicked on forums and was still signed in. did I do correct

  13. That is strange. When I click the link in my post above, it automatically tells me that I'm subscribed. Sorry, but I don't understand what is going on.

    This thread has a modlook tag for staff to see, so if you are not able to subscribe, my advice is to check back occasionally for responses.

  14. oh it emails me when there is a response:)

  15. still waiting. LOL

  16. Hi there,

    Can you let me know what email address you used when you tried to sign up for your new Gravatar account? I can use that to look it up in our system and see what might have happened. (The email address will be redacted for your privacy in the forums, but staff can still see it.) Thanks!

  17. [email redacted]

  18. Thanks! I looked up this email address in our system, and we don't have any record of it so you should be able to use it to sign up for your new account.

    Can you try signing up at again? First, though, please make sure you're logged out of That will make sure that our system doesn't get confused when you sign up for your new Gravatar. :)

    Please let me know how that goes for you!

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