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activation email

  1. Hi,
    was trying to create an account for my business blog, , though email [email redacted] however was unsuccessful as did not receive the activation email, now the email and the blog at wordpress are reserved, cannot do anything. please help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you checked the Spam folder for that email? It sometimes goes there.

  3. sure, several times , nothing there

  4. Give it 24 hours; sometimes it really does get hung up. But I'll also flag this for staff; lots of people are making these reports lately.

  5. It looks like you made a typo in your email address.

    Unfortunately, email addresses cannot be changed on pending signups, so I have removed it from our system.

    You may now re-register with the correct email address.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  6. I registered once again, checked twice the email, am sure its correct, still no activation, as well have checked the spelling for the first registration and everything was fine there as well

  7. Its 22 hours past and still no activation.

  8. Would you please check your email's spam folder?

  9. I'm having the same issues with trying to register an account on my uni/work email, I'm unable to receive the activation email. I've checked spam, checked the spelling of the email several times and tried to have it resent, and although i have not waited 24 hours this time, I tried to register with that email a year ago, and had the same problem, activation email never turned up so I gave up. Tried to post and ask for help, but i can't find my post any more, so I thought i'd leave a comment here and see if there'll be clues to solving my issue too.

  10. What is the username you registered?

  11. Chloe.H.Y.L

  12. Usernames can only have letters. Was it chloehyl, or something else?

  13. It probably was, it appeared automatically after I put in domain name or something.

  14. My username Certexlabs

  15. clickityclop and alexshrestha, I have removed the pending signup. Please feel free to register again, and make sure that you enter a valid email address.

  16. I've re-signed up, but seems to be the same issue, again, no activation email to be seen as of yet.

  17. Are you sure that the first part of your email address is "Chloe.H.Y.L"?

  18. 100% sure it's correct.

  19. We definitely sent the email to that address. Are you currently able to receive email at that address?

  20. Yes, I receive other emails perfectly fine. Even sent myself one from a different email to check. (and yes I checked spam folder and trash for the activation email as well, but it's not there)

  21. Ok, I have removed the pending signup again.

    Please try entering your email address as all lower-case this time.

  22. I am one of the people asking for assistance above, I ended up just giving in and making a whole new email just for the blog, and that seems to have worked out fine. No idea why it wouldn't work with my other email though.

  23. ncicskonieczny

    @macmanx ,

    Hello, I am helping someone sign up for a username only so she can access our private blog She says she registered the username ncicrsimpson on 4/4/13, but has not received the activation email from WordPress. She checked her Junk/spam folders. It is possible she mistyped her email address. Can you verify or resend the activation link to [email redacted]?

    (She received the email I sent from our blog to invite her to be a viewer, but since she hasn't been able to activate her account, now when she tries to register it says her user name is reserved.)

    Thank you!

  24. We do not have any accounts connected to that email address.

    If you still need help, please open your own support thread:

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