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Active Meter

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering, can one install activemeter on wordpress blogs and if yes, how?

    Thank you in advance

  2. If it uses javascript, no...

  3. Well, there is an option for sites that don't. I just don't know where to paste the copied text to activate the meter. Any ideas??

  4. Yes, you copy the non-javascript code (there are two options, javascript and non-javascript), just the code and nothing else, into a text widget in your sidebar.

  5. Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets :)

  6. Thank you both but it won't paste. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

  7. What's the code please?

  8. You want me to post it here? Why?

  9. Becuase the sweet little moderator is trying to help you but can't do it since he can't read minds and can't see what the issue is with the code. :)

    Unless you can tell me what book I'm holding up in front of the monitor right now. :)

    I'll be here for another hour so I would be happy to delete it if you want me to right afterwards.

  10. Or at least point us to a page where we can see the code.

    I have a feeling that you're trying to add in a javascript and that's why it's being stripped.

  11. <!-- START OF ACTIVEMETER CODE --><br /> <a href=""><br /> <img src="" alt="Hit Counter" border="0"><br /> </a><br /> <!-- END OF ACTIVEMETER CODE -->

  12. Deelete the bit that says: <!-- START OF ACTIVEMETER CODE --> and the bit that says: <!-- END OF ACTIVEMETER CODE -->
    Those are just guides and you don't need them, they aren't part of the code.

  13. I can't do it. Everytime I try to get my cursor close to the code text it gets automatically highlighted so I can't delete anything. I don't understand, I really really don't. :-(

  14. Take the code from the Activemeter site, make sure it is not the java one, and don't worry about editing it just yet.
    Then copy and paste it in your text widget, and that's where you can edit it.

  15. But it won't paste! Could it be a Mac glitch? I'm a Mac User. I tried both with Safari and Neetscape. Niente.

  16. OK, I'm not a Mac user but those who are suggest that people don't use Safari, from what I've read.
    Have you got, or can you download Firefox and then try again? Try that and see if it helps any.

    Also I understand there is a browser for the Mac called Camino? If Firefox fails then give that a go.

  17. I have to edit the post as a bunch is missing from what we're seeing. (I can see it since I can edit it as a moderator.)

    I want is it's seeing the 'java' bit in the link and is being thrown off for that...

    Gone to try it.

  18. The code in that post, I can put into a text widget without any issue. I can't get any counter to what not to come up though. Is something suppose to appear like a counter?

  19. @ Drmike - The code's ok, its the kind thats meant to be invisible you see. Seems to be something to do with the Mac from the looks of it but that totally loses me as I have no experience with those.

  20. If you would like, I would be happy to add this into your blog. Please create a blank text widget with the title you want and assign [email removed - drmike] as an admin to your blog and I'll go ahead and add it in there for you.

    I can't get anything done today anyway. It's too loud in here. :(

  21. Added. Please double check the browser output for me and see if any hits shows up. I'd check for that tomorrow to give it time. I don't know how often they update their numbers.

    Hope this helps,

  22. Added? But I didn't create a blank text widget as you said. Infact, how do you create one? (I hope this is not a stupid question.)

  23. Thank you both so much. :)

  24. Just to answer your question, I just slid the Text Widget 1 to your sidebar and didn't put anything in the title and the body of the widget and clicked on Save Changes. It didn't show anything when you viewed the blog again. I didn't put anything in the title and, since the title and the body is empty, nothing shows.

    Actually works kind of nice with your theme. You don't see it when you view the blog. I know in some themes, you would still get something showing up even if the title is blank.

    Please take a quick second and remove me as an admin. :)

    Hope this helps,

  25. @drmike
    Can we take it that this is an *invisible* free stat counter that works on wordpress blogs then?

    P.S. Don't forget to remove your email address unless you truly want to be deluged. ;)

  26. Thanks again. Just checked, it works. I 'm gonna be removing you from the Admin position in a minute. It was very helpful while it lasted. ;-)

  27. Not a problem. I just have way too many blogs I'm added in. :)

  28. ummm ... it's about the active meter - is it truly invisible and does it work?

  29. I'm glad Drmike was able to help get you sorted out melissanthi.

    Timethief, yes and yes. Well, good enough anyway. Statcounter also does an invisible one too. Although how truly accurate it is I don't know, which is why I'm trying out two different counters at the moment. But I have found that, as Statcounter allows as many projects as you like, I'm able to use it to follow the stats of each of my pages as well.

  30. Hi, I hope someone can answer this question:

    I am about to install Activemeter. I have followed the steps above but when I add the text widget to my sidebar, the rest of my sidebar (with my blogroll, links etc.) disappears.

    What can I do to have both a text widget and my blogroll as it usually exists?

    Thanks in advance!

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