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    I searched around for facts about Acitive Meter, but it seems that Im doing everything that ive read about and its not working. I opened up an Active Meter account, and I tried to add it to my site. I copied the NON- javascript code, and pasted it into a text widget, but when i look at my site nothing is there. Can anyone help me??



    What do you mean by active meter? Are you trying to have the stats or the users online feature?

    I have both, total number of users online at any given point in time as well as stats which normally everyone keeps. If you want it, you can get it from twospots.


    Im talking about the stats counter. I was told that using it would help me keep count of the total views of each of my posts (WP does not yet have this feature). I found a forum in which they were talking about how to set it up, ( I read it, but i didnt find anything that would help me. If you are using it, do you know if it can help to find which of your posts are most popular, and count the total views on each post??? Thank you


    I read that Active Meter is invisible. Does this mean that it doesnt show on my sidebar, but i can still access the results???



    Have you checked your account on the active meter website?

    I have never used it so am guessing that if it’s “invisible” then it might be on your account on their site.




    Search is your friend chelseaX2
    From the web
    More than just a hit counter or web counter, ActiveMeter is a web site visitor tracker. Most web site counter code provides traffic data and statistics. ActiveMeter is that and much more! Because the real value lies in tracking visitors, not just visits, our unique web site analyzer is designed around web visitors. ActiveMeter is a fast and accurate web site analytic that is easy to use. We provide it as a FREE web site tracking service so there is no software to worry about. Take a look at the web counter demo to see how useful it can be to you.
    All you have to do is insert a web site counter on your web pages, and you are up and running in minutes. This is a visible or invisible web site tracker, so there are no flashing hit counter images and best of all, no ads on your website, or popups with advertising.
    From the FAQs blog

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