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Active Meter

  1. We need to see this happening to see what is occuring. What you're reporting is not standard behavior and, without actually seeing it, we can't help you.

  2. Hi Dr. Mike!

    Thanks for your reply. I have now added the text widget with the Activemeter html in it and the sidebar that I used to have has disappeared. Yikes!

  3. Hi Dr. Mike...

    I know you are busy and have a life, so here are a few details...

    I am using Firefox (whatever the latest edition is)

    I have cleaned out my cache

    I dragged a text widget into my sidebar area and pasted in the Activemeter code

    Today, the rest of my sidebar is still missing. It contained my links, etc...

  4. Also, just so you know, whenever I remove the text widget, my original sidebar magically reappears...


  5. Sorry to bother you, but I am just trying to anticipate any questions you might have...

    The last thing I can think of is that in the manage blogroll screen, all my links are toggled as visible, even though they are not showing on the page.

  6. {just a suggestion}
    This is just a suggestion until drmike our Moderator and/or staff can get to your post. Have you tried removing the active meter text widget from your sidebar to see what effect that has? If everything is restored to normal then at least you have isolated the source. The only thing visible in your sidebar is the label "active meter" and as it's an invisible meter having the label at all defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

  7. Hi Timethief!

    Thanks for the suggestion. If I follow you right, I am pretty sure that I have been through that step.

    Beginning with the "activemeter" widget in my sidebar and with no visible links, I went to the manage blogroll page.

    In the manage blogroll page, I removed the activemeter text widget from the sidebar. It floated down to the list of available widgets.

    I then cleared my cache and navigated back to my blog, and all of my links had returned. Putting the widget back made the site appear as it does now: That is, there is just a widget that says "Activemeter" and none of my links are visible.

    Yeah, and having the widget say "activemeter" is kind of contradictory, although I just realised that I had selected an invisible activemeter by mistake. Huh.

  8. Hi, just bringing this up...

    I know you guys are flat out, but it would be great if someone could take a look at what's happening with my blog. I have had my sidebar down now for two days waiting for someone to take a look.


  9. Oh, sorry. I missed it. :)

    Quick aside: You're missing the trailing '/' mark in the img tag for active meter:

    <img src="" alt="Hit Counter" border="0" />

    You have to add in the other widgets now. They don't add to the previous sidebar, they replace it.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Dr. Mike,

    You are a genius. Pure and simple. I am gonna fix that tag and then rearrange my sidebar. I am pretty sure that this will resolve the issue. I was not aware that all my blogroll links would disappear when I added widgets (even though it says just as much on the widget page!)

    I do think it's kinda strange that when you add widgets, your normal blogroll disappears. I guess that means that you have to transfer all your links from your blogroll into different widgets on a new sidebar(?). Which is a little inconvenient from a user point of view.

    From a design point of view, I think it would make sense if instead, widgets could be placed above or below your default sidebar. After you have gone through the trouble of making a bunch of links for your blogroll, and after WP has gone through the trouble of providing an entire interface for managing your blogroll, why make it all disappear when you decide to get all fancy and add a widget or two?

    Or maybe I just don't get it. That's a distinct possibility.

  11. Don't tell my ex. :)

    You actually have a Blogroll widget. It's labeled as 'Links' on the setup we have here.

    Hope this helps,

  12. Lookin' good Dr. Mike...

    You can plonk "resolved" all over this one!


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