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Actual Referrer Data and Feed Data

  1. i'm wondering if it's possible for more specific referrer information to be supplied on the dashboard for users. consistently, adding up the visits in my "Top Referrers" list constitutes somewhat less than 10% of my actual visitors, which in my mind hardly makes them "Top".

    i realize that there's a distinction between referrer and search result, but at a certain level, the inherent duplication between searches and direct visitors would still be nice to know, especially if it elaborated visitors from different search engines. relatedly, i also
    have no idea how many people have me bookmarked or who simply enjoy typing "" in their address bars. while i don't have a ton of visitors, i do have visitors from all over the world (according to Clustrmaps), and it would be at least intellectually stimulating to know how these people find me/found me.

    relatedly, there used to be a link to Feed Data in the dashboard which now seems to be gone. could that be resurrected, or am i simply missing it somewhere?

    thanks much!

  2. These are issues that you need to take up with staff [email redacted]
    As runs Google analytics on our blogs and as Google only allows only one urchin script to run on our blogs we cannot run Google analytics ourselves and do not have complete referrer information. Also the feed stats were discontinued some time ago now.

  3. thanks, timethief! it's been a busy summer, and i guess i missed that notice about the feeds being discontinued.

  4. No problem. ;)
    Would you please mark this thread as "resolved"?

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