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Actually getting the money

  1. The money went in and it's over 100, but how do I get it to paypal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I wish I knew.

  3. Do you don't have WordAds? Ah well, hopefully the others come soon, because getting the money would be cool

  4. Yes, I have WordAds. The earnings haven't been updated since May. I'm thisclose to discontinuing them, because there's certainly no point in running ads if I never see the money.

  5. They haven't been updating? You should have still been earning some money each month. Are you sure that you have the Ads on? If not you should report that

  6. Yes, I'm quite sure I'm still running the ads and have been all this time except when staff disabled them for some reason.

  7. I highly recommend reporting that then. You should have been seeing some money if you've been showing them. Maybe there's a glitch or something.

  8. There is. I've seen multiple people reporting this and I've reported it myself at least once.

  9. Is there a number you can call or something? Because thats a pretty big glitch and you should at least get a refund on the months that you missed out

  10. No, there's no phone number. Believe me, they know when I complain about something. I have an email hotline. It needs to get straightened out ASAP because I've no intention of continuing it into September while seeing no benefit.

  11. Well, nobody can blame you that's for sure! I hope that they fix those problems and respond back soon.

  12. Thanks, I appreciate it. I only enabled it to test it out and I can't say I'm rolling in dough since then.

  13. Hi Raincoaster - I responded to you by email. Draiger1 I also responded to you in another forum.

  14. Jon, my earnings don't seem to show up each month either. I emailed last month to get them reported, and I still don't know how I did in August. When are the earnings supposed to show up?

  15. Hi robthebruce76, I see the earnings in your settings/wordads/earnings tab. if you can't find it I can email it to you. Jon

  16. Everything through July has been there, but it hasn't updated on August. When does that happen?

  17. I don't have anything under August earnings either.

  18. That's correct. We haven't received all the reports from advertisers yet so nobody in WordAds has their August reports. Thanks,

  19. Pls can i run add on my own wordpress nt using d pro vision

  20. loveclinics, you have to apply to get WordAds on your blog.
    The link is:
    You also must have a custom domain.

  21. spotofteadesigns

    @jonburke how long into each month do you get the earnings? 9/16 seems like a really long time to know. if this is standard, then it might be helpful to update the wordads general information page so people understand the timelines

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