ACTUALLY In Tears…Tickets 1870454 and 1872167

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    I am in tears because I cannot find anyone at WordPress there who will actually look at the glitch and put my blog, NelsiesCupboard under TwilightWoods so I can access the dashboard and manage it. It’s important, I want to get the domain name from them, but won’t until this is sorted out (third time I’ve said this).

    I have been writing WordPress since April, now have 26 emails back and forth in my box because between three different people (Brian, Simon and Lisa), no-one is reading or remembering the history of the problem. Simon came closest. I manage the paid WordPress blog at professionally, so am no idiot at this. I am really upset that they won’t do anything but send out auto-generated responses instead of fixing the problem, started from some glitch months ago, I don’t even know when…just that things stopped working.

    I have three blogs, NelsiesCupboard, TwilightWoods, and ParkdaleKniftyIKnitters, all at WordPress. Somehow NelsiesCupboard got severed, and I could no longer access the dashboard. That’s when I started asking for help to get NelsiesCupboard back in the group. No problem. Just send in the email address with which it was affiliated.

    I did. though it was no longer recognizing it. I even sent Simon a screen shot showing it on the settings page, right with NelsiesCupboard up at the top left.

    He did not look at the screen shot the first couple of go-rounds.

    Simon finally did, and said if I could get into the settings, to change the email address, which I did. Now the setting page says the change is pending. It’s been saying that for weeks. But I still cannot access the dashboard; it takes me to TwilightWoods, where Nelsie’s does not show.

    Meanwhile, back in my email inbox, I had an email saying if I did request this, to do nothing. I did request it, so I did nothing. The email address has not reset, as Simon said it would.

    Then he told me to write him directly from that email address…which I did, twice. That’s when he started sending me email saying my emails were coming in blank. You can see all these emails, and the screen shots right in the blog, because the emails are going there…but blank to him?

    But no-one is looking at them on their end. I don’t know why they are not getting the emails, but the screen shots I am sending are now public on the blog, outside of my control. Which I cannot delete, because I cannot get to the dashboard.

    (Lisa offered to shut down the blog to make it private, but if it were not mine, why would she shut down someone else’s blog? This defies logic. OTOH, since they have my phone number, they could phone and verify this is my blog, and then begin to deal with the real problem of THE GLITCH.)

    Day before yesterday, in desperation, I sent both tickets that I’ve been given in reference to this ongoing problem, and yesterday we started all over again with Lisa and her two identical auto-generated, first approach emails. She did not bother reading the first 25 emails. Or look at the blog with the screen shots showing all the proof they have requested to prove that this is my blog.

    I also received yet another email to reset my password at, but it reset it in the wrong blog at . I am still waiting for my password reset from NelsiesCupboard.

    And I was texted a code on my phone for a password reset, but nowhere was I told where to use this code. I have no idea if it is for Nelsies or Twilight, but I have not requested any reset for Twilight…this is just the way THE GLITCH keeps operating.

    I have asked that they please forward this to the Ombudsman of the company. They’ve got a potential customer who just wants some of the assistance you offer, and some righteous attention to the matter instead of being flicked off with auto-generated responses. I can’t keep hounding you on this ongoing problem on a daily basis.

    Does anyone out there have any idea how I can get past these robots and actually have some human assistance?

    Geez, I can’t even type in the blog URL here…

    Sylvia Genders

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t select that blog because THIS username is not on that blog. You need to log in as your other username in order to post as someone from that blog.



    I mean, people have tried to help and you just didn’t respond to them;




    it looks like a full answer was given a year ago by the staff

    PS – ANYONE can post to a blog using email if they have the secret email address, they DO NOT need to be a user on a blog



    Hi there!

    Let me try to help you regarding this. For verification purposes, do you still have access to the email associated with “”? If so, can you please provide it here? Thank you!



    Thank you, Druesome.

    I have been responding by email, and have a whole lot of emails to prove it. You’ve been getting my responses as ‘blank’.

    I tried to set NelsiesCupboard up as Nelsie, but somehow that was affiliated with TwilightWoods, then we tried Nelsies Cupboard. I don’t know if that ever worked. The original email affiliated with it was (email redacted), but WordPress said that was wrong. I sent a list of possibilities. I could get into settings (not the dashboard), so Simon said to change the email, so I set it to (email redacted), and it shows as (email redacted). You said this was not correct, so I began sending screen shots on what I was seeing.

    This was all to get NelsiesCupboard, which goes to TwilightWoods from the settings (another screenshot), actually showing under TwilightWoods so I can access the dashboard and maintain the blog.

    There is a glitch somewhere, if I can go to TwighlightWoods from the NelsiesCupboard settings, but I can’t see the NelsiesCupboard dashboard. I wish you would go to the blog as a reader and just look at the screenshots.



    Hi there Sylvia,

    Unfortunately, none of the following email addresses you provided matched the one associated with “”.

    (email redacted)
    (email redacted)

    Do you happen to have other email addresses tucked away somewhere that you may have forgotten about? I’m afraid that until you provide that email address, I will not be able to assist you. Thanks!


    I tried the user name Nelsies Cupboard, and got into the blog’s dashboard, where I saw the email address, (email redacted).

    If that is what you’ve been looking for, would you kindly put it under the administration group that TwilightWoods and ParkdaleKniftyKnitters is in.



    Hi there!

    That’s all I needed. :)

    I’ve put the “” blog under the “nelsie” account and should now appear under that account’s list of blogs. If you log back in as “nelsie”, you shouldn’t have any trouble accessing that blog’s admin panel from now on.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. Best wishes!

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