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    Is there any way that I can get a Chitika advertisement into a widget? I would like to as I think I could benefit from having one on my blog, but, for some reason I am unable to put the code in there. If I can’t ahev it in a widget, is there anywhere else that I could possibly put it?



    You can’t add in advertising to your blog here at It’s against the ToS.

    For reference, here’s a link to a search on the topic.

    Do note that per the FAQ sticky at the head of the forums you now owe all of the forum regulars here a steak dinner for bringing up this topic yet again. :)



    I think you can put the ad but not the scripts or ads offer by any particular company like google adsense.My advice is that you directly ask for ads from your blog and then post ad at appropriate places. : ).



    If you put the ad in there your blog will be deleted. Gyanboy, please don’t answer questions off the top of your head unless you’re familiar with procedures. You could have cost this guy his blog.



    gyanboy – as raincoaster has said, you are wrong.

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